Sons Of Anarchy: SAMCRO’s Enemies, Ranked Least To Most Dangerous

In the underworld, there are always several people wanting a piece of the illegal pie. And they are willing to kill for it. No matter how formidable a criminal faction is, it will always have dangerous enemies. Such was the case for the mother charter of the Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Club aka SAMCRO.

While some threats were easy to fend off, others gave Charming’s star bikers plenty of headaches. And even though the San Joaquin Sheriff Department mostly worked with the Sons, law enforcement agencies like the ATF were more than eager to see the notorious biker gang go down for good.

The Sons Of Anarchy Belfast Charter didn’t really succeed in any of its plants. SAMBEL was supposed to be working together with SAMCRO. Unfortunately, its president Keith McGee had gotten in bed with IRA member Jimmy O. Before his death, he was planning to run the mother charter out of the gun business so that his own charter would get more revenue.

Though it was planned without his knowledge, SAMBEL was planning to kill the Sons during their Ireland visit by rigging a gun shipment with explosives. After being captured and tortured, McGee’s deputy O’Neil revealed that the president was working with Jimmy O. McGee was thus killed by Clay by being pushed off a building.

For most of the series, the Mayans were allies rather than enemies, hence they rank lowly in terms of harm caused. At the start of the series, the Mayans were at war with SAMCRO. They had just robbed the club’s warehouse and burned it down. This prompted a war over the San Joaquin valley territory.

A truce happened but in the second season, the Mayans aligned themselves with LOAN, who the Sons totally hated. They protected LOAN leader Ethan Zobelle from the Sons and in the end, he managed to escape without getting killed. The Mayans then re-entered into an alliance with SAMCRO.

How much harm did the One-Niners cause SAMCRO? Not much. It was mostly a cold war between the two. Bad blood developed when they attacked a meeting between SAMCRO and the Mayans. Luckily, the Sons escaped. Clay tried to frame the Niners for killing Donna, causing an old and weak Piney to try and seek revenge by himself.

The relationship became better when the Niners helped the Sons wage war against the Aryan Brotherhood. However, the Sons and the Niners took sides in the war between the Galindo Cartel and the Lobos Sonora cartel, forcing them to fight again. Clay later framed the Niners for shooting him, causing Tig to try and kill Laroy but ended up killing Veronica Pope instead.

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