Sons Of Anarchy: 10 Times Someone Was Killed In Broad Daylight

In the world of Sons Of Anarchy, no one was ever willing to say “I’m sorry!” Ego mixed with blood lust means most disputes were resolved through bullets and just about everything that could kill. There were a total of 351 deaths on the show. SAMCRO’s golden boy Jax Teller was the executioner-in-chief, ranking above everyone else with a total of 43 kills.

The killings were done in all kinds of gross ways. Tig once drowned a porn producer in a bathtub full of urine while a Russian Mafia member had fire ants unleashed on him before being suffocated by Clay. Thanks to law enforcement officers being easy-going, most of the killings happened in broad daylight too, with no serious consequences.

SAMBEL president and First 9 member Keith McGee got greedy and betrayed his brothers. His aim was to push the mother charter out of the gun smuggling business so that all the profits would come to him. When SAMCRO members went to Ireland to get Abel, McGee hosted them but they had no idea he was working with Jimmy O.

McGee’s club planned to take out SAMCRO using an explosive-laden gun shipment bu that didn’t work. His treachery was soon discovered and he had to pay the price. Clay stripped him off his patch before pushing him off a roof.

It’s a wonder how the SAMCRO Prospect Phillip Russel got the name, Filthy Phil. He was always one of the nicer and more reserved members of the biker club.

Phil died brutally after Jax decided to end the arms-dealing partnership with the Real IRA. As her and V-Lin were guarding the warehouse, Galen O’Shay showed up and killed them both. He then mutilated their bodies with a saw and left the pieces behind for the Sons to find. As if that was enough, he took most of the weapons too.

Charlie was the perfect definition of a dirty cop. He had a number of deals with several criminal factions who always gave him a cut. He also frequented prostitution dens to satisfy his lust.

The Stockton PD officer soon got carried away with his villainous tendencies. He snitched to Lin and the Chinese Triad gang about the location of SAMCRO’s weapons. He then killed a colleague to prevent the truth from getting out and framed Jury White for his actions. Jax eventually found out the truth and accosted him at his own bakery before shooting him dead in front of customers.

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