Sons Of Anarchy: 10 Greatest Betrayals, Ranked

There is no messiah in Sons Of Anarchy but there are several clones of Judas. With greed being a common trait, betrayal happens all the time and the consequences are always deadly. Characters in the FX series keep backstabbing each other at a rate that is shocking but totally entertaining.

The dark world is not without its angels. Chibs never goes against his club despite being tempted to do so. Opie would never even consider being a traitor. Unser also remains loyal to the Sons for most of his life, only to be killed by Jax. Alas, for most of the other characters, betrayal is a fair tactic to ensure survival.

Dirty Stockton PD cop Charlie Barosky initially builds a good relationship with SAMCRO, helping the club set up escort parlors and letting them know about the progress of the district attorney’s investigations. He even helps them store their guns in a safe place at the Stockton port.

Things go south when someone tips off the rival Chinese Triad gang about the location of the club’s weapons. Indian Hills president Jury White is considered the snitch but his innocence is proven after Lin tells Juice that it was Barosky who told his men about the weapons. He did it simply because the Triads were offering him more money. Jax makes Barosky pay by shooting him at his bakery.

Bobby is a good guy for most of the series but he temporarily becomes despicable when he sleeps with Luann Delaney. The Cara Cara porn studio owner happens to be the ‘Old Lady’ of incarcerated SAMCRO member Otto.

Since SAMCRO has invested in Cara Cara, Bobby is given a job as a bookkeeper there. He soon discovers that Luann is stealing from the club. Desperate to keep it a secret, Luann offers to sleep with Bobby and he agrees. Otto soon finds out and the incident almost causes him to turn against the club.

After breaking up with David Hale, Stahl starts dating fellow ATF agent Amy Tyler. Stahl comes off as the dominant and abusive in the relationship as she keeps barking at Amy whenever she disagrees with her. Despite Stahl’s attitude, Amy loves her deeply.

A shocking twist happens when Stahl murders Amy and frames her for the death of Edmond Hayes. Stahl, who shot Edmond multiple times during a deadly confrontation, had initially attempted to frame Gemma for the murders but it didn’t stick. She thus chose to make the nicer Amy appear as the culprit.

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