Sonic The Hedgehog is Literally God For An Entire Planet

Even Sonic fans whose fandom mostly derives from video games know that he’s by no means a stranger to space travel. Probably the most famous example takes place in Sega Genesis’ Sonic the Hedgehog 2 when the Blue Blur and his ever-faithful companion, Tails, board Dr. Robotnik’s Death Egg space station, where the climactic showdown eventually transpires. Even the overly light-hearted Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog TV show sent the dynamic duo beyond their planet’s atmosphere in pursuit of Robotnik’s robotic minions pillaging an asteroid belt. But all of this pales in comparison to when Archie Comics made an alien species view Sonic as a literal god.

Proved time and time again, Archie Comics pushed the envelope of the Sonic universe by creating more dynamic plotlines ensconced in more elaborate arcs than any other medium in the now discontinued Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series. In issue #125, Sonic staved off an alien invasion by reversing the countdown of the alien’s Quantum Dial that would have created a blackhole had the spiky hedgehog not gotten involved. Unfortunately, reversing the countdown required Sonic to run around the alien weapon at such fast velocities that he was soon transported light-years away from his home planet.

On his journey home, Sonic eventually comes across a rather unique planet where time travels exponentially faster in issue #127 written by Benny Lee and Mike Gallagher. In fact, the space traveler witnesses generations pass within mere moments of his arrival: An entire tree shoots out of the ground right in front of him and an amphibian evolves right before his eyes. Not wanting to get caught up in the time anomaly, Sonic retreats into his space pod and falls asleep. When he awakes, the hedgehog sees primitive huts suddenly transform into a futuristic architecture that resembles Dr. Eggman‘s craftsmanship. While remarkable, plastered on essentially every surface is a blue symbol with three spikes emanating from the center in a fashion that reminds Sonic of himself… and for good reason.

Sonic soon discovers that he became a god-like figure to the indigenous species of the planet while he slept. It shockingly makes sense. Sonic arrived right when life began to form there, so as he slept, the inchoate species basically evolved into technically advanced people overnight. Due to how differently time affects Sonic and the planet’s inhabitants, Sonic was believed to be a statue of their god-creator, as he had always been there since the beginning of time. In fact, numerous wars were waged in regards to what Sonic actually represented. Regardless, the species soon became advanced enough to build a machine that slowed the way in which time affected them to match Sonic’s so they could interact with him.

Incredibly, this particular story was just one of many adventures the Blue Blur experienced while trying to find his way back home in the pun-filled arc called “Tossed In Space.” While Sonic eventually returned to his home planet, his arrival didn’t mean the series’ writers stopped thinking of ways to toss the hedgehog into stranger situations outside of the norm. No, it was only the beginning.

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