Sonic Joins Guardians of the Galaxy To Fight The Silver Surfer And Galactus

Who hasn’t asked themselves at least once what it would be like if Sonic‘s Freedom Fighters fought for the freedom of the entire galaxy, not just their planet Mobius? Archie Comics’ discontinued series answered this question and more by creating a parallel universe where Sonic’s Freedom Fighters were the Guardians of the Galaxy, except they referred to themselves as the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy. Meanwhile, their nemesis Dr. Ivo Robotnik was Galactus and his lackey Snively was the Silver Surfer.

Written by Mike Gallagher, issues #103 and #104 transported readers into this parallel universe where Sonik (with a “k”) and his friends are based on the original Guardians led by Major Victory, a man who came from the 20th century after spending a thousand years in suspended animation. In this case, Sonik is Major Victory and, like his Marvel counterpart, has been placed in suspended animation, though Sonik’s journey began when Dr. Robotnik launched him into space. Another correlation is how all members of the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy, like the Guardians, are the last survivors of their respective planets.

It’s also appropriate that writer Mike Gallagher pits this universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy against a version of the Silver Surfer and Galactus, as Marvel’s original Guardians witnessed the symbiotic relationship between the herald and his master. Snively and Robotnik are perfect matches for their respective roles as the Silver Surfer and Galactus, known in this story as Robolactus. In Sonic’s universe, Snively might be Robotnik’s nephew and lackey, but he also has a strained relationship with his uncle. He even goes so far as setting his uncle’s death in motion in issue #50. Like Snively, the Silver Surfer does not serve Galactus out of respect. Their ever-evolving relationship begins when he strikes a pivotal deal with Galactus to serve as his herald in exchange for Galactus sparing his world.

In Marvel’s storyline, the Silver Surfer, then known as the Keeper, leverages the power he possesses to supply Galactus with enough energy so he would no longer have to consume worlds. In Sonic’s parallel universe, Snively might not feed Robolactus with enough power to keep him from devouring Sonik’s galaxy, but he does convince his master to reconsider consuming the Freedom Fighter’s planet by pointing him in the direction of a more nutritious nearby world.

Establishing the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy set up a whole new universe of story possibilities. What all Sonic the Hedgehog fans are all hoping for now is if IDW Publishing’s new series will revisit a similar parallel universe where Sonic’s friends once more become the Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Robotnik resumes his role as Galactus and, since there’s no Snively, maybe Dr. Starline takes over as the Silver Surfer.

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