Snyder’s Justice League 2 Plan Fixed The Worst DCEU Batman Mistake

If a Justice League 2 ever happens, it would allow for one of Batman’s biggest DCEU arcs to finally be told on-screen. When Ben Affleck was cast in the iconic role of the Caped Crusader, it added something refreshing to past portrayals of the DC hero. While most incarnations that came before him have mostly portrayed Bruce Wayne in his early or middle years, the DCEU went in a different direction; Affleck’s Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was an older take on the character. Compared to past Batmen, this version of the Dark Knight had already been operating as a crime-fighting vigilante for 20 years. But so far, not a lot has been revealed about his Batman history other than a few very significant aspects.

A bit of it is teased in Suicide Squad when Batman shows up for an action sequence involving Joker and Harley Quinn. While Affleck was originally going to have his own The Batman film, plans changed and the project is now servicing as a non-DCEU franchise with Robert Pattinson. However, he will soon be seen again, as Batman is returning in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, not to mention The Flash movie. Not only will Affleck get another go at the infamous detective in Snyder’s film but he will get the chance to engage with Jared Leto’s Joker on a larger scale.

But while the Snyder Cut is approaching, the director did also tease what he would in a potential Justice League 2. Snyder isn’t certain if a follow-up would happen; if it did, it would focus on the biggest unexplored element in Bruce’s journey, which is the death of Robin. In Batman v Superman, it’s revealed the Boy Wonder died at some point by Joker’s hands. It’s usually Jason Todd that bites the dust (and gets reborn) thanks to Joker, but in Batman v Superman, the deceased Robin is actually Dick Grayson, who was the first person to carry the mantle before becoming Nightwing. This is what takes Batman down the trajectory that he was at when he first got introduced to the DCEU in 2016.

Even though Jason’s death has always been a painful part of Batman’s life, seeing him having lost Dick has never been depicted in media. Despite the big legacy of Robin, Dick has always been a bit special for Bruce’s character. In most incarnations, he’s Bruce’s first adopted son after he lost his own family in a similarly traumatic way that Bruce did as a child. To have lost him to someone like Joker would have a major impact on Bruce going forward, not only as a person but as a superhero as well. That is heavily displayed in Batman v Superman, which sees Bruce beginning to change through Clark Kent.

It’s one of the biggest and most compelling things Snyder introduced to the DCEU with his version of Batman. It’s mainly because it’s something that a lot of past Batman films haven’t explored before, and it could perhaps be the reason why other Robins like Jason, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, and more haven’t been hinted at in the DCEU, because maybe this Batman didn’t take on another ward after Dick’s death. While an Affleck-Batman film may not happen in the foreseeable future, if a Justice League 2 were to be made, Robin’s death would be a big arc to see on-screen, as it’d flesh out the Dark Knight even further.

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