Snowpiercer: 10 Biggest Questions We Still Have About The Train

The concept of Snowpiercer is easily one of the most interesting — and horrifying — things around. The idea of a new Ice Age forcing humanity to live in massive trains that are divided into different classes might seem somewhat inane, but it’s the manner in which this concept has been masterfully shown in TNT’s series that truly makes it something notable indeed.

The eponymous Snowpiercer train is easily one of the most fascinating aspects of this show, packed to the brim with a ton of things that will surely confuse most people who get into the intricacies of this particular train and its functioning. Keeping this in mind, here are ten of the most pressing questions that people have about the Snowpiercer train itself.

One thing that should definitely be pointed out when it comes to the train is that the class divisions — while definitely interesting and somewhat poetic — are absolutely ridiculous.

There’s no way that such a barbaric and archaic system would’ve ever been adopted and universalized amongst people in the future.

The technology behind Snowpiercer is definitely quite impressive in its own right, but one can’t deny that upkeep is still required to keep these mechanical parts working seamlessly.

So, the fact that the train tracks that Snowpiercer constantly travels upon required little to no upkeep — especially given the harsh weather conditions as well — is rather hard to believe.

The protagonist of the show is a person from the tail section who decides to kickstart a revolution that would alter the status quo of the train itself. Andre Layton is definitely a fascinating character in his own right… although one has to admit that he seems to be a bit too strong for his current situation.

Surely feeding on those scarce insect protein bars would have him sapped?

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