Shazam Kills The Entire World in DC’s Future

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Shazam #2

In the latest edition of Future State, the world faces impending peril because of Shazam and his actions. After finding out about the hero’s killing streak, his team attempts to question him but he is unresponsive. As suspicions rise, Miss Martian tries to read his mind but is unable, revealing to the team that his thoughts are not his own. At the same time, Neron explains everything that he has been doing to Billy, who’s still guarding the Rock of Eternity. Neron lets out that he gave Shazam his vision and has been manipulating him this whole time.

In DC’s post-apocalyptic world, Earth’s Mightiest Mortal is revealed to be an instrument of evil, killing people by way of Neron controlling what he sees. In issue one, Billy begged Shazam to not let him abandon his post, but this all changes in the second issue as he falls into Neron’s trap. The nefarious villain knew Shazam’s atrocities would attract the attention of the Spectre, who confronts the “hero” over the chaos he has caused. He witnesses the devil’s bidding at play and the events which led to Billy and Shazam splitting. With everything playing out as planned, Neron and by proxy Shazam, have released a deadly and all-powerful threat who is about to wreak havoc on the mortal realm.

In Future State: Shazam #2 by writer Tim Sheridan and artist Eduardo Pansica, Shazam just made an enormous mistake that may cost the entire world. Towards the end of the issue, Shazam shockingly kills an innocent woman and is confronted by his team who try to make him turn back into Billy. But they’re unaware that he can’t or else it’ll spell the end for all that they know, as Billy’s prisoner will be let loose. Shazam captures the attention of the Spectre, who tries to figure out Neron’s purpose for sending Shazam into the mortal world and making him become a murderer. His investigation leads to a puzzling point at which, to his surprise, Shazam stabs him with one of the last shards of the Spear of Destiny, instantly killing the God-like being. This sets the stage for the issue’s world-destroying final moments.

Neron’s villainous plan is fully operational, having made sure that Shazam’s actions would lead to coming face to face with the Spectre. Enacting one of his final planned stages to unleash his master, Shazam, who is controlled by Neron, kills the Spectre dead. The team desperately tries to get him to utter the word “Shazam,” but as strong-willed as he is, Shazam refuses, which leads to Question breaking his cover. The Question is revealed to be Deadman. Thinking that he can put a stop to the hero’s ongoing killing frenzy, he attempts to enter Shazam’s body, which unknowingly enacts the final steps of Neron’s scheme. As Shazam yells the words he swore he wouldn’t say, it spells imminent doom for the world at the hands of the newly-released Rock of Eternity’s prisoner Raven.

Powered by the corrupting force of the four horseman’s riders and the powers of Shazam, Raven is unleashed. Now known as the Unkindness, Raven is prepped and ready to re-enter the mortal realm and consume without fear of judgment. Sporting a new scary, demon-like look, Raven commands what looks like an army of hellish creatures, including Neron, who bows down to his new queen. Ultimately, it’s Shazam who’s responsible for the Unkindness’ release due to him naively playing into Neron’s nefarious plans. It would seem that Shazam is the definite reason for Raven’s unleashing. Hence, he is the reason for the destruction that the Unkindness will cause when we next see her in Future State: Black Adam.

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