Sex And The City: Louise’s 5 Best Pieces Of Advice (& 5 Worst)

Louise doesn’t get a whole lot of screentime in the Sex and the City franchise, and she only appears in the first film, but fans are wondering if she might make a return (even just a cameo) in the upcoming revival, And Just Like That. It would be nice to see where she is in life now – presumably still in St Louis with her boyfriend (now husband), as she ended the film about to get married – but fans also want to catch up with her just because she was such a bright personality.

Although she only appears in a handful of scenes as Carrie’s assistant, Louise managed to stick in fans’ minds because she was charming, sincere, and surprisingly wise for her age. Despite her youth, she often gave Carrie wonderful advice, and led Carrie to nickname her ‘Saint Louise’ and tell her that she ‘brought her back to life’ when they said goodbye. However, sometimes her words (or actions) were a little less wise…

When Louise first appears in the show, it’s when Carrie is interviewing for assistants. She asks Louise, after a brief and charming conversation about her skills, how on earth a woman living with three roommates can afford the designer bag she’s carrying – and Louise lets her in on the secret of Bag, Borrow, Or Steal, a website to rent them! It’s great advice on the face of it (renting designer items instead of buying something for a huge price that will be out of style in a season is amazing advice), but it’s a little deeper than that, too. It’s advice to listen to others and to be open to new ways of doing things.

When Louise and Carrie are out for cocktails, she gets a text from a waiter, who has just got off work and wants to see her. Carrie points out that it’s nearly midnight, and that feels like a booty call – but Louise brushes it off. She even tries to find a technicality to mean that it wouldn’t really be a booty call, based on who goes to meet who. Clearly, given that Louise gets back together with her ex and the waiter is never heard from again, Carrie was right… and trying to loophole your way into doing something that your friends advise against is not behavior to emulate!

When Louise says this to Carrie, she is talking about working through a backlog of emails before getting to organizing the closet, but it’s good advice for all things.

Just take it one thing at a time, and it will be much easier to get everything done. There’s also some good advice here about not skipping over the unpleasant tasks just to do the fun ones, but to take everything in turn.

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