Sex And The City: 5 Times The Show Was Sex Positive (& 5 It Wasn’t)

When Sex and the City first aired in 1998, it was considered a very progressive show. Carrie and her friends talked a lot about relationships, and sex was a big part of those conversations. Girlfriends all around the world still reference Sex and the City‘s topics of discussion, such as female pleasure and freedom of sexual expression.

The show’s main character was a sex columnist, but that doesn’t mean the show and its characters were entirely sex positive. There were some problematic messages in there, and the women were sometimes quick to slut-shame one another. Even Samantha, the sex positivity poster child, held deep-rooted prejudices against certain groups of people.

The ladies took pleasuring themselves into their own hands by using sex toys. Even the conservative Charlotte was blown away by the power of a certain vibrator called the Rabbit. “Once I came for five minutes,” she said.

In “Escape From New York,” Samantha met a model who invited her to a sex toy launch party. She dragged Miranda and Carrie along with her and together, they discussed all things sex toys at length.

One of the most glaring things that didn’t age well in Sex and the City is the women’s attitude towards bisexuality. When Carrie started dating a man named Sean who she clearly liked, she couldn’t get over the fact that he once had a boyfriend.

Over brunch, the ladies talked about bisexuality and almost unanimously concluded that in their opinion, it doesn’t really exist. Carrie even went so far as to say bisexuality was “a layover on the way to Gay-town.” At the end of the episode, Carrie left the party she and Sean went to without even saying goodbye to him.

When Miranda met a charming Chicago-based lawyer and went out on a date with him, they unfortunately ran out of time to meet again before he had a plane to catch, so they decided to stay in touch over the phone. Miranda had her fair share of bad dates, but this one wasn’t one of them.

Miranda and the guy eventually had steamy phone sex with him. As it turns out, though, she wasn’t the only woman on the line; this was a setup from the start. So, Miranda angrily told him to never call her again.

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