Sex And The City: 5 Times Samantha Was A Good Friend (& 5 Times She Was Awful)

Samantha Jones was Sex and the City‘s sassiest, most honest, and most confident character. At first, she treated men like playthings, serving as the main comic relief of the series, but as her character arc developed, she also showed her vulnerable side.

Sometimes, Samantha gave horrible advice to her friends, but mostly, she was somebody who could be counted on and was fiercely loyal and funny. Every once in a while, she let her friends down in some way, especially Charlotte, whose values didn’t align with hers. While it’s good to put yourself first, Samantha often did so on account of her friends.

In “The Big Journey,” Samantha joined Carrie on a train to San Francisco, where her book tour kicked off. Carrie and Samantha were accustomed to a certain standard, though, so they absolutely abhorred their time aboard the trans-American train.

Samantha was not too excited about their travels, to begin with, but she did it for her friend. It’s also worth noting that she tried really hard to make the best out of the lousy situation.

Samantha often said what the fans were all thinking. For example, she didn’t like being surrounded by babies and wasn’t afraid to say something about it. But when her best friend Miranda had a baby, Samantha should have kept her mouth shut and tried to be supportive. After all, it’s Miranda who has to listen to the baby’s screams the most.

Samantha was being childish when Miranda had Brady. She played dumb and pretty much ignored the fact that Miranda was now a mother. Luckily, she came around and even showed support, in her own way. She even eventually offered to babysit.

Samantha was a great friend, particularly to Carrie. When Carrie’s diaphragm got stuck, it was Samantha who agreed to help her out, even though she “just had her nails done.”

Samantha’s shamelessness might have upset Charlotte every once in a while, but when her friends needed help with something highly intimate, Samantha was always there to lend a helping hand.

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