Seinfeld: 10 Relationships That Fans Knew Were Doomed From The Start

For a show about silly moments between friends and “nothing,” the main characters on Seinfeld dated a lot of people over the sitcom’s nine seasons. No relationship lasted very long, as the gang often had a laundry list of reasons why something was wrong with their new partner. The exception was when George asked Susan to marry him and they planned their wedding which, of course, didn’t happen.

While the characters did try to find love, they weren’t lucky, and there were many love stories on Seinfeld that fizzled out quickly and seemed problematic from the very beginning.

Jerry and Elaine were together 24/7 and for some viewers, they had a great relationship that should have remained romantic.

Other fans feel that it was right for these characters to break up, as they seemed to better off as friends. They had some problems in the bedroom, as Elaine confessed that she was faking her orgasms during their relationship, and when they tried out a friends-with-benefits situation, things became too complicated. It was clear from the beginning of the series that Jerry and Elaine would never be able to last, and while they didn’t have much luck with other people, they couldn’t be together.

Susan’s death on Seinfeld is famous, and it was clear from the beginning of Susan and George’s relationship that they would never last. Of course, viewers didn’t think that she would pass away, especially not after licking an envelope.

The couple never felt right together, and George only proposed after he and Jerry decided that maybe it was time to grow up and settle down. Instead of wanting to be with Susan because he loved her for who she was, George didn’t even enjoy spending time with her. As they got closer to their wedding, it seemed like George would get cold feet.

Elaine hated when Puddy painted his face for hockey games, and that was just one thing that she disliked about him.

Elaine and Puddy had a hilarious but terrible relationship, They broke up on a regular basis, which proves that they were too toxic to be together, and they didn’t seem to understand or appreciate each other. Instead of inspiring each other to be better people, these characters only annoyed one another and existed in a state of constant chaos.

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