Schitt’s Creek: The Male Characters, Ranked By Their Romantic Partner Potential

In a town as small as Schitt’s Creek, the dating pool is more like a dating bathtub. With little options and even less privacy, one has to wonder how love and romance can blossom in a locale where everyone knows everyone’s business and the oddest of characters reside.

However, if there’s one thing the Emmy-winning series has taught viewers, it’s that love, among other things, has the potential to thrive in the least likely of places. In honor of the most romantic month of the year, here’s a deep dive into the dating profiles of the show’s male ensemble of characters to see who would have the audience swiping left or right.

The great thing about Jake is that he goes through life without any worries, which also happens to be the worst thing about him. When he starts dating both David and Stevie simultaneously, things get complicated between the trio.

While it’s great that he’s comfortable with his sexuality, he just assumes that both parties are comfortable with the arrangement. Overall, Jake is quite oblivious when it comes to other people, and based on his nonchalant attitude, it’s easy to assume that he breaks hearts without even knowing it.

While he was only on a few episodes, Emir made a lasting impression and for all the wrong reasons. When the travel blogger caught the eye of Stevie, it was the happiest fans had ever seen the otherwise reserved hotel clerk and it seemed as if she might have finally met her match.

But when the seemingly sweet Emir breaks things off, he shows his true colors. Of course, no one should ever be in a relationship because they feel pressure but the way he’s so aloof about Stevie’s heartache is a major red flag.

While he’s a dedicated and loyal husband to Jocelyn, it’s hard to imagine that the Schitt’s Creek mayor would be a great date. For one, he overshares which makes for some epic doses of cringe whenever he opens his mouth.

He’s the very definition of “TMI”, has some questionable habits, and lacks self-awareness. In the end, though, Roland does have a big heart but he definitely makes for a better friend than a companion.

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