Riverdale: The Best (& Worst) Trait Of Each Main Character

Riverdale has a variety of characters that initially represent stereotypical high school tropes but eventually became much more nuanced and individualized. Betty Cooper doesn’t remain the meek, girl-next-door, and Archie Andrews evolves into a well-rounded young adult.

As is the case with most human beings, the Riverdale crew has their bad qualities that balance out the good, and each have things they could work on to become better individuals. No character is perfect, and their flaws add to their potential for growth in the future.

Reggie proved himself to be someone to rely on between his friendships with the Bulldogs and his relationship with Veronica. He had an instinct to protect those he cared about, specifically Ronnie (after she and Archie broke up) and the Bulldogs.

However, Reggie can be a jerk sometimes and has a reputation for being a bully. He has previously bullied both Jughead and the Serpents, and now post time jump is working for Hiram Lodge, a notorious villain. He always seems to get with the wrong crowd initially, even if he eventually comes around.

Kevin was Betty’s #1 best friend (besides Archie) for a long time, especially in the beginning of the series. He was constantly reliable and always cheering on his pals from the sidelines as a supporting character.

However, many fans will agree that Kevin is a severely underutilized character, which is a shame because he has so much potential. While Kevin has shown that he can be a bit harsh, the viewers still wouldn’t argue that this is his worst trait because the writing hasn’t always been consistent, and has been cast as a background character in the last few seasons. Hopefully, the rest of Season 5 gives him a lot more to take part in.

Hiram Lodge has a lot of bad traits, but one of his good ones is that he knows what it takes to make a business work. He gets what he wants when he wants it, and makes deals that always benefit him. No matter who tries to challenge him, Hiram always knows how to outsmart his enemies.

However, this was where the Lodge patriarch’s weakness comes in. He has absolutely no morals. He doesn’t care if people get hurt because of his actions, not even his own wife and daughter. He also had no qualms in framing or putting innocent people in jail either.

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