Riverdale: Betty’s 10 Worst Sweaters, Ranked

Riverdale is full of characters with interesting and unique fashion sense, from Jughead’s signature hat to Cheryl’s seemingly permanent bright red lipstick. Betty is portrayed as the innocent girl next door with a dark side, who gets darker as the seasons go on.

But despite Betty no longer being viewed as the quiet girl who doesn’t stand up for herself, her overall look hasn’t changed to reflect that attitude adjustment. She has had moments where her wardrobe choice contrasts her usual options, most significantly during that memorable Dark Betty scene. But for the most part, Betty’s look remains sweet schoolgirl.

And that includes a lot of sweaters, which seem to be among Betty’s favorite items. She has tons of them, and while some are stylish – or at least she manages to make them so – others range from corny to tacky, to sweaters no one is a fan of.

Short sleeves on sweaters can be confusing: a person either needs full warmth or they don’t. The short sleeves on this sweater aside, the design itself veers toward gaudy.

Horizontal stripes can be flattering, but in this case, the colors are not appealing. They don’t match Betty’s skin tone and the dominant orange hue is very drab.

This sweater looks like a bunch of old sweaters were cut up and sewn together to create one sweater. The zig-zag pattern does give it a nice look, so it doesn’t look sloppily sewn together. But it’s still not among the best sweaters that Betty has worn on the show.

The fit is nice and the color scheme would go with just about anything, best paired with a classic pair of blue jeans. And the mish-mash look is indicative of Betty’s uncanny ability to piece things together to solve cases. But as a sweater, in the end, it’s just too busy.

Anyone who has ever played the game Space Invaders on Atari will understand the reference. In the very rudimentary video game from the late ’70s, rows upon rows of different shaped space invaders scroll across the top of the screen as players try to dodge their bullets and shoot them down before they inch closer and closer.

The fact that this sweater looks like a game of Space Invaders might please retro gamers. But for it to pass as a cool gaming shirt, the patterns would need to mimic those in the game. Instead, they are just odd patterns that distract from the wearer.

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