Reed Richards Appears & 9 Other Predictions For The WandaVision Season Finale

There is just one episode left in WandaVision and a lot of unanswered questions still remain. Audiences are dying to find out if anything shocking will happen in the finale. It seems likely the series won’t wrap up everything in a neat bow with Wanda going forward into Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, which she will be a part of.

But there a number of things likely to happen to give fans some closure. There will also be a lot of aspects that set up the future of the MCU. Wanda’s story is far from over, and her actions will have major consequences it seems for the many upcoming movies and streaming series that make up Phase Four.

A lot of speculation has centered on who could be the aerospace engineer Monica Rambeau has teased on WandaVision. Fans have figured Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four, as the most likely candidate. With the Fox X-Men Quicksilver appearing in the series, nothing is off the table and Reed is likely to show up.

There are other Fantastic Four-related clues in the series, including the tantalizing possibility that Agatha’s mother is at least related to Zhered-Na, a powerful sorceress from Atlantis, home of Namor.

Another open mystery the show has to answer is who is the missing witness Jimmy Woo came to Westview in search of. His whiteboard in episode four accounted for everyone in town except for Agnes – and now fans know why – and Dottie Jones. That makes Dottie the most likely candidate.

Dottie has been conspicuously absent in the series since Jimmy Woo showed up, except for a blink and you’ll miss it cameo in episode seven. Is Dottie someone from Marvel Comics? Possibly. Dottie and her husband Phil Jones share names at least with characters from the Squadron Supreme, a dimension-hopping superhero team.

Some fans may have been disappointed by the reveal that Evan Peters as Wanda’s brother Pietro Maximoff, AKA Quicksilver, is an imposter. Pietro may be ‘Fietro,’ but there is likely more to it. Agatha revealed that he is simply her ‘eyes and ears,’ a trick to confuse Wanda.

It speaks both to Agatha’s limited power – she couldn’t conjure Aaron Taylor-Johnson – and the fact her power is increasing in The Hex. Her manipulation of Herb cutting the wall is a sign her powers have increased, and she likely pulled Evan Peters from somewhere, even unintentionally.

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