Pretty Little Liars: Why Spencer Is Actually The Show’s Main Character

One of the special things about Pretty Little Liars is that it focuses on a group of female friends. The show’s storylines devote equal screen time to the characters, and the show would lack dynamic chemistry if one of the characters was missing.

However, Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) seems to be the core of the show. Many of the storylines revolve around her or her family. Essentially, she’s truly the main character of the show. The storylines lead back to her, and her actions have serious consequences that affect the other characters. The show wouldn’t be the same without her.

One of the best traits about Spencer is that she’s very passionate about the people she loves. Whether it’s romantic or friendly relationships, she pours her heart into these relationships. She is always available to help her friends, even when she’s emotionally exhausted.

Spencer is committed to helping people—mostly because she knows that if she doesn’t help, something could go wrong. She’s an important tool in the hunt for “A.” Spencer is aware of this; therefore, she always makes herself available to assist people. She would do anything for them.

Everyone thinks that Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) is the leader of the group of friends, but this might not be the case. Before she disappeared, the Liars followed Alison. She was the cool, popular girl, but also a bully. Despite this, they still wanted to be accepted by her.

However, throughout the seasons of the show, Spencer is the true leader of the Liars. Because she’s smart and clever, she uses her intelligence to figure out important clues about “A.” She can decipher codes, including when something is written in a foreign language. The Liars follow her advice and instinct. In addition, she’s also the rational voice of the group. While most of the girls jump to conclusions, Spencer grounds them and reminds them to think logically before moving forward.

When Spencer sets her mind on something, she doesn’t give up until she succeeds. This is her competitive nature, but it’s beneficial when the Liars are trying to find “A.” Spencer doesn’t rest until she solves the clues. She often stresses herself to an unhealthy state, and she suffers from anxiety.

On many occasions, it seems she cares more about solving the mystery than the rest of her friends. They’re supposed to be a united team, but Spencer is often working alone. She didn’t care if she put herself in danger. She has to know what happened.

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