Pretty Little Liars: Why Aria Is Actually The Show’s Main Character

It would be easy to assume that Alison DiLaurentis is the main character on Pretty Little LiarsWhen fans tuned into the pilot for the first time, they learned that she was the Queen Bee of Rosewood who had disappeared, and her friends were left with an incredible mystery to solve.

But even though the story does circle around Ali, there’s another major character who deserves a lot of attention. There are many reasons to see Aria Montgomery as the protagonist on Pretty Little Liars, from her long-term romance to her family to her involvement with two different mysteries.

Some fans wondered if Aria was A and there were many Reddit discussions about it.

None of the other characters seemed to have so much potential to be A. If Aria did end up being this mysterious figure, that would definitely make her the main character. But even though this wasn’t the case, it still makes her the main character because there are enough signs and pieces of evidence pointing to her important place on the show. Aria makes fans wonder enough times if she knows more than she’s letting on, and that counts for something.

There are many wild and dramatic season 1 storylines on PLL. Fans remember when Aria discovers that her dad, Byron, is having an affair with Meredith. This is a huge deal and tears the whole family apart.

Byron’s decision to cheat plays a large part in the first season of the show, and this makes Aria seem like the main character since her family life is much juicier and more entertaining to watch than her friends’.

While it’s problematic that Ezra is interested in high school student Aria, it’s hard to imagine this popular teen drama without this particular love story. By the series finale, the two are married and going to look into adopting a baby, and it’s a more age-appropriate romance since Aria is an adult.

Because this relationship lasts for most of the series, that is another reason to see Aria as the main character. If she and Ezra had decided to stay apart in season 1 and never looked back, that would be different, but their love story seems longer than any other liars’ since Hanna and Caleb and Spencer and Toby spent a lot of time apart.

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