Pretty Little Liars: Friendships That Should Have Happened (But Didn’t)

A show with some of the most nail-biting cliffhangers ever, Pretty Little Liars manages to steal fans’ hearts years after it last aired. From its original years to now, each season finale left fans on the edge of their seats, sometimes causing them to fall out of them completely.

However, for a strong “Whodunnit” themed show, there is still room for improvement. Since the show is full of various characters, with many layers to their personalities, the writers still chose to stay with more formulaic pairings. Fans wondered what potential friendships could have happened without sticking to the duos that were already depicted, like with Hanna and Mona or Toby and Caleb.  If the loyal, die-hard fans could change anything, they would have appreciated seeing these characters spend more time onscreen together.

A couple of fans may claim that they were already friends, but the two women were really only allies. While Mona, at times, did not use her traits for good reasons, her durable persona matches Ali’s through how both girls were skilled liars and planners.

Mona was more devious than Ali all in all, but a friendship could have realistically formed between these two because of how their sly behaviors matched up sometimes. While fans didn’t see a real friendship form in Pretty Little Liars, they did see an alliance growing between the two in The Perfectionists whenever Ali would share the unraveling secrets of Beacon Heights with Mona, possibly due to her being the only one she could trust (slightly), commencing a certainly unexpected friendship on that show.

Fans will point out that these two certainly were minor friends, especially when Lucas helped Caleb back to reunite with Hanna or when Caleb agreed to help Lucas with his date. Unfortunately, this friendship ended up getting less and less time as the seasons went on.

It’s a little disappointing that this friendship fizzled out in the long run as they had such a strong bond and a lot of common interests (especially with technology). If these two had actually teamed up, they could have been business partners in the future, since Lucas did end up becoming a wealthy game app creator. It would have been good if Caleb could have been seen to have a life outside of the Liars circle.

Just to clear up on the glaring issue, Yvonne and Spencer were never really friends, just acquaintances.

Despite the awkwardness in how both women were in love with Toby, and putting aside that their jobs placed them on opposite ends of the political spectrum, they were both intelligent and driven people who could have developed an actual friendship. If they had spent time together before Yvonne’s abrupt death, they could have bonded further over their political jobs. This possible friendship could have spiced up the show even more with Toby witnessing two girls he loved become actual friends.

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