Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Everything We Know About The Game So Far

Sinnoh fans received the surprise of their lives when Takato Utsonomiya, COO of the Pokémon Company, announced not one but two different games set in the region. The remakes of the classic Sinnoh games, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl will come later this year, but it’s Pokémon Legends: Arceus that awoke the most interest from the excited fandom.

Taking place in the “Sinnoh of old,” Arceus is described as an action RPG adventure that gives players the chance to explore an open world. It seems clearly inspired by the critically acclaimed Breath of the Wild and could point to a new era in Pokémon games. And although most of its key plot points remain secret, Nintendo did provide some clues about the game’s premise and gameplay.

Sinnoh is one of the most interesting and complex regions in the entire Pokémon franchise. Divided by the majestic Mt. Coronet, Sinnoh is a cold region with bustling towns and some of the best routes in the games.

Arceus will be set in old Sinnoh, which means there won’t be cities or towns to visit. Indeed, the trailer mentions only one town which will act as the player’s base in the game. However, being an open-world game, Arceus will allow players to explore and discover Sinnoh’s forests, mountains, beaches, and wild areas at a time when they remained untouched by humans, thus promising a truly immersive and exciting gaming experience.

Fans immediately noticed the ancient-looking Pokéballs in the game’s trailer. Arceus’ official website describes them as made out of wood and working with some form of steam engine. In the trailer itself, steam can be seen coming from the top of the Pokéballs once a Pokémon is caught.

This might seem like a minor detail in regards to the game’s plot, but it does provide fans with an idea of what to expect from Arceus. Main series Pokémon games feature a lot of technology in the form of PCs to store Pokémon, warp panels to traverse secret layers, and even the popular Pokédex to record Pokémon’s data. However, none of that will be present in Arceus, yet another aspect that’ll differentiate it from any other game.

And speaking of the Pokédex, it will play a large role in the game, or rather the idea of it. Arceus‘s website states that one of the main purposes of the game is to explore the region and investigate and catch Pokémon to create Sinnoh’s very first Pokédex.

Although players usually assume the role of trainer in the games, Arceus is set to instead put them in the shoes of a Pokémon researcher. This is a brilliant way of expanding the world’s reach, all while providing a new experience for newcomers and old-timers alike.

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