Pokémon Go: Latias Raid Counters (Valentine Collection)

Latias is one of the more challenging Pokemon to find for the Valentines Collection in Pokemon Go. This guide will show players the best raid counters to bring in battle. Pokemon Go is hosting another Collection challenge to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This time, all of the Pokemon are based around love. Some Pokemon are Pokemon that belong in pairs, others evolve because of friendship, and some are literally in the shape of a heart. While many of the Pokemon for this Collection Challenge can be found in the wild, Latios and Latias are only available in raid battles. This guide will show players the best Pokemon to bring for a Latios raid battle.

The Valentine’s Day Collection challenge will end on February 18th and players will need to capture 12 Pokemon, the most amount of Pokemon for any Collection challenge so far. Once players collect them all, they will be rewarded with 3 Silver Pinap Berries, 3 Rocket Radars, and 2 TMs. All of these items can be found in a variety of different ways but the game also provides the player with a collection medal. The medal itself doesn’t do anything but reward the player for completing the challenge in time. If the player waits too long, the Valentine Collection medal will be gone forever. Here are the best possible Pokemon to bring for a Latias raid.

Latias is a Psychic and Dragon-type Pokemon just like Latios, meaning players can bring the same Pokemon to the raid. Here are the best counters for Latias.

Players should only participate in the raid battle if there are at least 5 other trainers in the lobby. Trying to tackle this battle alone is nearly impossible so the best thing to do would be to back out and wait until someone else appears. It doesn’t waste your raid pass and makes it much easier to work together to bring down this powerful Pokemon.

Although, the real challenge is actually capturing the thing. After defeating it, players will need to capture it with a limited amount of Premier Balls. The best thing to do would be to use curve throws only and throw when it finishes its attack animation. Keep this up to add this to your Valentine Collection.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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