Pokémon GO: How to Defeat Zapdos (Movesets, Weaknesses, & Counters)

Zapdos, the legendary electric flying type pokemon, is accessible to Pokemon Go players through the Raid Battles. As the symbol for Team Instinct within the game, players of that team should be especially excited about fighting and possibly winning a Zapdos. However, this bird isn’t the mascot for no reason. This deadly opponent will take some prep work to defeat.

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While any player can look up the Zapdos’ types and figure out what it is weak to, that won’t pull everyone through an encounter with this beast. As Zapdos is within these Raid Battles, the pokemon will have a CP or combat power within the 10s of thousands. Let’s go over the best options for a player to take before facing the Zapdos.

From a quick deduction, Zapdos is an electric/flying type pokemon, making him weakest against ground and rock type pokemon. However, this isn’t the most solid plan without knowing more about this legendary and its moveset. While Zapdos is both of these types, he will mainly focus on electric-type attacks, meaning players will need to be heavily guarded against these types of attacks. We will also cover his resistances and boosted weather types to watch out for.

Zapdos is weak against Ice and Rock-type pokemon, making them the best choices within a party. However, players should stay aware of what Zapdos is resistant to, which includes Ground, Fighting, Steel, Grass, Bug, and Flying types. Players will want to avoid putting anything in their party with either that type or those types of moves. Zapdos is also boosted by windy and rainy weather, so players should avoid fighting him in those weather patterns. Now, let’s go over all of Zapdos’ possible moveset options.

Charged Attacks 

With this in mind, the best types to use when facing Zapdos will be Ground, Rock, Ice, and Dragon. Ground and Dragon being the best at resisting the Zapdos attacks and soaking up moves, while the Ice and Rock dealing the most damage against the creature. Some of the best pokemon players can choose from for this encounter are the Galarian Darmanitan, Rhyperior, Tyranitar, Gigalith, and Weavile.

Other Decent Counter Pokemon for Zapdos

Pokemon Go is available on Android and iOS.

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