Pokémon GO: How to Defeat Articuno (Movesets, Weaknesses, & Counters)

Articuno, the legendary Ice bird Pokemon is more accessible within Raid Battles during the Kanto tour in Pokemon Go. As the distinguished bird that marks the Team Mystic players, this Pokemon would make a great addition to any player’s party. However, this will require first defeating it in a Raid Battle.

Raid Battles boost the particular Pokemon players are fighting to a CP of 8,000 and higher, capping out around 40,000. The Articuno is no different here, and players will need to boost their Pokemon and choose the best ones to battle within their party. Luckily, players can break down their stats and choose the best from their ranks to fight.

With Articuno being an Ice and Flying-type Pokemon, there is much that players can figure out about how to fight it. These types are vulnerable to Rock, Fire, Electric, and Steel attack types. Rock dealing the most out of the bunch, with a near 100% higher damage dealt. Articuno is however resistant to Grass, Bug, and Ground-type attacks. With this being the case, there are several Pokemon that would make good counter options. Good counter Pokemon include Rampados, Rhyperior, Tyranitar, Weavile, and Aerodactyl.

Other Decent Counter Pokemon

While being a Flying-type Pokemon, Articuno mostly deals Ice attacks. With this in mind, players should consider which of their Rock, Fire, Steel, and Electric Pokemon are resistant to Ice damage. Here are the attacks that Articuno can have.

Articuno’s Fast Attacks

Articuno’s Charged Attacks

Pokemon Go is available on Android, and iOS.

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