Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: 5 Things From Sword & Shield We’d Love To See (& 5 We Don’t)

Most Pokémon remakes usually take a thing or two from the first installments of the generation in which they are released. HeartGold & SoulSilver, for example, included Sinnoh’s League Champion, Cynthia, in an event to catch Arceus, and Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire included Mega Evolutions.

With Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl taking place during Generation VIII, fans wonder if any of Sword & Shield‘s features will make it to the Gen IV remakes. The idea is interesting and there’s a precedent for it. And while it would be amazing to see some of them in the Sinnoh region, some others should probably stay in Galar where they belong.

When the Rotom Dex was introduced in Sun & Moon, it seemed like a fresh and fun twist to a classic Pokémon feature. After all, the Pokédex is one of the key items in any Pokémon journey. Having an actual Pokémon acting as the Pokédex was indeed inspired.

However, Rotom soon overextended its welcome by overwhelming the scene. In Sword & Shield, it not only acts as a multi-functioning Pokédex but also substitutes the classic PC of previous games. Rotom is indeed a Sinnoh Pokémon and it would make sense for it to act as a Dex and PC. But honestly, if BD & SP are indeed going back to basics, then fans might use a break from Rotom’s intensity.

Pokémon in the overworld is one of the best features of the Switch games. It’s a way to increase the immersive qualities of the Pokémon world, while also enhancing the gaming experience. It can also facilitate the catching of certain Pokémon, while also helping avoid some others.

From the trailer released on Pokémon Day, BD & SP don’t seem to feature Pokémon in the overworld which is a terrible shame and a potentially grave mistake. Fans loved the idea and grew used to it by playing the Let’s Go games and Sword & Shield. To take away something that is widely seen as a step forward is questionable at best.

Generation VIII gave fans another version of the classic Pokémon journey by introducing the Gym Challenge and the Champion Cup. The former is pretty straightforward, with trainers fighting and defeating all eight Gym Leaders in the region to win the chance to compete in the latter.

However, the Champion Cup substitutes the traditional Elite Four. Instead, players battle against other competitors who also completed the Gym challenge, which in Sword & Shield means fighting all three rival characters. The Champion Cup is entertaining and a good option for Galar. But with such memorable Elite Four members like Sinnoh’s Bertha and Aaron, fans will probably want the Sinnoh League to stay the same.

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