Pokemon: 10 Dual-Type Dragon Creatures to Try Out

In the Pokemon games, there are 18 different types of Pocket Monsters, each with different elemental attributes. One of the most powerful classifications of Pokemon is the dragon type. There are several Pokemon that are not only dragon Pokemon, but also have a second element that they are categorized under. As such, they are able to utilize different moves than those that are only one specific group and are a special addition to any trainer’s team.

Here are 10 different Pokemon that are dual-types; while their primary species is a dragon, their secondary grouping gives them unique traits that make them stand out as valuable assets for a player. This includes when each Pokemon was introduced, how players can find them, and how they interact with other varieties of Pokemon during the game’s battles.

A dragon and fighting type Pokemon, Kommo-o first appears in Pokemon Sun & Moon. It is the final evolution of Jangmo-o. Covered in scales, it makes a rattling sound to intimidate any opponent that it faces; Kommo-o will not fight another contender unless it stands its ground. These scales also act as protection against attacks. Because of this, Kommo-o is ideal for a defensive strategy. Typical of all dragon monsters in the games, Kommo-o’s biggest weakness is fairy Pokemon. It also struggles against ice, flying, and psychic combatants.

Making its debut in Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, Altaria is obtained by fully evolving a Swablu. Standing out with its graceful cloudlike appearance, it sings a humming song that enchants anyone who listens to it. While it looks more like a bird at first glance, Altaria is both a dragon and a flying Pokemon and is strong against the ground-aligned competition. On the downside, it is weak to rock and fairy competitors, and will easily be defeated by ice types.

These two legendary entities are unique because they are each a specific gender; Latias is exclusively female and Latios is exclusively male. They were both introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and would appear after the completion of the Pokemon League.

Along with being dragon critters, they are also psychic and show it with their abilities. Latias is sensitive to human emotions, while Latios can understand human speech. They are strong against ground Pokemon, but not against those that are ice, fairy, ghost, dark, or bug types.

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