Persona 5 Strikers: How to Find (& Defeat) Every Dire Shadow

There are many strange and interesting enemies throughout Persona 5 Strikers including the Dire Shadows. There are eight of these in total, spread across the Jails within the world. Each of the eight is aggressive and must be fought, but first players will need to be able to find them.

Each of the five once found will have certain weaknesses and affinities attributed to them. The eight are named the Dark Sun, the Harlot of Desire, the Killer Teddy Bear, the Snake King, the Sun’s Emissary, the Wandering Reviver, and the War-Hungry Horseman. They are spread between the Jail of the Abyss, Okinawa Jail, Osaka Jail, Sapporo Jail, Sendai Jail, and Shibuya Jail.

Dark Sun 

The Dark Sun is located within the Jail of the Abyss near the Path to the Abyss. He appears as a strange half-man half-orb after being hit. Much like other enemies throughout the game, players will need to facilitate the fight by starting it. Once started the character will change into their true form as well. Luckily, once the player is close enough their team members will let them know what is standing in front of them.

The Dark Sun is weak to IceBless, and Curse attacks. He is also strong against Psy, and Nuclear damage. Players who want to take the Dark Sun on should avoid taking Noir and Queen with them. Instead, make sure to bring along Fox and Sophie, along with anyone else that fits within this dynamic.

Harlot of Desire

The Harlot of Desire is located inside the Sapporo Jail, near the Clockwork checkpoint. She’ll be standing at the center of a four-way stop intersection. Once hit, she’ll appear as a tall woman with a snake coiled around her body.

The Harlot of Desire is weak to Psy, Nuclear, Bless, and Curse damage. They have an affinity for Fire, Ice, Electric, and Wind. Players should consider taking Noir, Queen, and Sophie within their party. However, they should avoid bringing Panther, Fox, Skull, and Mona, due to their attacks not being very effective against the Harlot.

Killer Teddy Bear

The Killer Teddy Bear is located near the Bunkamachi West checkpoint within the Shibuya Jail. This large black teddy bear is much more than he lets on to the passing children. The Killer Teddy Bear is weak to ElectricWind, and Curse. He also has an affinity for Psy and Nuclear. With this in mind, the player should avoid bringing Noir or Queen with them, and instead make sure to take Skull and Mona.

Snake King

The Snake King is located within the Sendai Jail near the West Garden checkpoint. This tall dark naga looks quite a bit thinner than the original wide form he takes in the courtyard. The Snake King is weak to Fire, Ice, and Bless. While he has an affinity for Electric and Wind. Due to this Sophie, Panther, and Fox would be good companions to take along the ride. Just make sure to leave behind Skull and Mona.

Sun’s Emissary

The Sun’s Emissary can be found in the Kyoto Jail by the Fox Couple checkpoint. This large black raven looks very different from the original drone that it was disguised as. The Sun’s Emissary is weak to Fire, Ice, and Nuclear. However, he has an affinity for Electric and Wind. This means that players should avoid taking Skull and Mona. Bringing Panther, Fox, and Queen instead.

Wandering Reviver

The Wandering Reviver is within the Okinawa Jail at the Northern Lab checkpoint. This cloaked woman stands in a room full of cargo and shipping containers. She is weak to Fire, Electric, and Wind. While she has an affinity for Bless and Curse. Players should consider taking Panther, Skull, and Mona as they will work the best against the Wandering Reviver. They should also avoid bringing Sophie.

War-Hungry Horseman

The War-Hungry Horseman is in the Osaka Jail near the Mt. Chashiro checkpoint. Changing from a strange robotic dog to a full horseman and horse riding on the rooftop. He is weak to Electric, Bless, and Curse. He has an affinity for Fire and Ice. This makes bringing Skull and Sophie essential. Players should also make sure not to bring either Panther or Fox.

As with every fight, players should prepare for each one appropriately. Focus on bringing lots of medicine, both for restoring HP and SP. Players may even want to grab a few revive and status curing items as well. As each enemy has different weaknesses and strengths players should also grab personas for the Joker that focus on attacking their weakest points and bolstering against their strongest.

Once players defeat their first Dire Shadow they will earn the Who Dares Win trophy. After defeating all eight, they will gain The Most Daring of Them All trophy. Remember that Dire Shadows are separate entities from the Powerful Shadows, and there won’t be requests to have them defeated in the first place.

Persona 5 Strikers is available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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