Pacific Rim: The Black Trailer Reveals The Series’ Human Villain

Netflix has debuted the second full-length trailer for Pacific Rim: The Black. The upcoming anime series based on the world of Pacific Rim is releasing later this week. The show had been in development for a little while, but was finally formally unveiled last year. The first trailer for Pacific Rim: The Black teased the kaiju’s takeover of Australia. It’s a good time to be a kaiju fan and Netflix subscriber. This year, the streaming service will also debut Godzilla Singular Point, an anime series featuring the King of the Monsters. Before that, though, fans will be able to enjoy Pacific Rim: The Black.

In 2013, Pacific Rim released in theaters to much fan acclaim. The film was appreciated for its take on the kaiju genre, delivering grand battles and captivating special effects. Although its sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising, wasn’t as well-received critically, the film nonetheless has dedicated fans. Sadly, Pacific Rim 3 doesn’t seem to be happening. However, Pacific Rim: The Black looks to keep the franchise alive. The anime comes from Polygon Pictures, the studio responsible for animating the acclaimed Transformers: Prime. The full-length trailer for Pacific Rim: The Black premiered earlier this month, showing the sibling protagonists in a wasteland before finding a Jaeger.

The next Pacific Rim: The Black trailer (via Netflix) is here. There is plenty of new footage to absorb. The trailer shows the siblings’ parents, as well as what appears to be a human antagonist. Check it out below:

There is certainly a lot going on, from the parents’ tearful leave, to the siblings battling a kaiju. Perhaps the biggest reveal is the story will have a human antagonist in addition to the rampaging kaiju. Of course, it’s not known where the story will go. It would be interesting if the Precursors are controlling a human like in Pacific Rim: Uprising, but that’s just a theory. So far, it’s not known if the Precursors will appear.

One of the more engaging aspects of Pacific Rim: The Black looks to be the sibling dynamic between the protagonists. Based on the footage so far, they are the heart of the story. Something missing from Pacific Rim: Uprising was an emotional attachment to the characters. If Pacific Rim: The Black has an engaging character duo driving the story with big kaiju battles and an interesting human antagonist, the anime should be a hit. Hopefully it will inspire more Pacific Rim content if Legendary is interested in continuing the franchise.

Source: Netflix

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