Pacific Rim: Everything We Know About Netflix’s Upcoming Anime Show

The Pacific Rim franchise is set to expand further thanks to an upcoming Netflix anime series which will continue to develop this ongoing cinematic universe. Kaiju have always been incredibly popular on screen, but, in the year that will see Godzilla Vs. Kong released, audiences will also get to see some new Jaeger action.

Netflix has actually been quite tight-lipped in regards to details on the show. While an official trailer for the series has debuted which looks to have a seven-episode run, there’s still a number of other tidbits of information that fans of the franchise may not know regarding the upcoming project based on the Guillermo Del Toro brand.

The Pacific Rim franchise has gone through three different titles so far. The first was Pacific Rim, which set up the franchise. The second was Uprisingwhich saw humanity revolt once again against the oncoming storm of monsters from another world.

This third installment has been entitled The Black, but it’s currently unclear as to why this name has been chosen. It’s plausible that it’s a reference to the blackout of power, which will be touched upon again later, or perhaps a name for where these famous Kaiju originate from.

In terms of its link to the previously released films, this anime series is very much still set in the same universe. This is not a reboot, nor is it a direct sequel. It instead serves as a continuation of sorts, picking up with a new set of characters who inhabit the same world.

That means that a lot of old ideas, concept art, and action sequences from the movies that were never used, could be woven into this show. What’s more, there has been a confirmation that The Black is set years after the movies in a future in which humans have not used Jaegers for a long time.

The Pacific Rim franchise has become quite the global series thus far, with the movies taking audiences across the world and showcasing Jaeger pilots from every corner of Earth. It may be a strange choice considering the popularity of the movies in Asia, but the series will actually be set in Australia.

The official synopsis for the show makes mention to the fact that Australia has actually been overrun by Kaiju, resulting in the human population having to evacuate. There is a blackout in the country, and very few have remained in these inhospitable conditions.

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