Overwatch 2: Everything We Know About Reinhardt’s Changes

Thanks to BlizzCon 2021, which featured a behind-the-scenes look at Overwatch 2, fans now know a bit more about the upcoming sequel. This includes changes to the way tanking will work, and it was illustrated by showing off changes to Reinhardt Wilhelm. Here’s everything fans need to know about the changes.

The behind-the-scenes look at Overwatch 2 revealed quite a bit about the game. This included new PvE enemies for the game’s story mode, new map teases, hero designs, and one new hero update. In terms of design, every hero from Overwatch is being reworked, but tanks’ changes will go beyond just aesthetics. During the showcase, Jeff Kaplan and developers at Blizzard revealed that tanks will be getting some major changes in Overwatch 2 – and it could potentially make them very overpowered.

This is because Overwatch 2 will put more of a focus on tanks becoming melee brawlers for close-range damage. In the past, tanks were traditionally there for protection, which could often mean players could stand back from the action until they needed to swoop in. Now, tanks will be in a much more active damage-dealing role. This kind of class redesign goes far beyond the other Overwatch 2 hero changes seen so far, although some fans are concerned it will make tanks like Reinhardt too powerful.

The tank changes for Overwatch 2 are apparent in the footage at BlizzCon 2021, which showed Reinhardt in New York City. This time around, Reinhardt will have two charges of Fire Strike, which means he can hit enemies twice as often before cooldowns, essentially doubling his damage output. It also means he can charge up his Earthshatter ultimate faster, which again increases the amount of damage Reinhardt can deal.

Since Blizzard is changing the way tanks work, some fans are concerned it will make heroes like Reinhardt too overpowered. It’s a valid concern, for sure, but developers have stated these changes are still a work in progress. Some balancing will definitely be needed before Overwatch 2 releases. Overall, though, the changes to tanking, and to Reinhardt specifically, look pretty exciting and should make tanking more interesting and fun to play.

For now, this is all that’s really known about Reinhardt’s changes in Overwatch 2. The reworking of tanks definitely feels needed, and turning them into brawlers more than just protection seems like a good way to shake things up. However, balancing alterations will probably happen before the game actually releases, so that heroes like Reinhardt won’t be too powerful.

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