Outriders Demo: All Legendary Weapons Found So Far

Ahead of its April 1 release date, Square Enix and developer People Can Fly launched a demo for looter-shooter Outriders on February 25. The title lets one to three players create a team of the game’s four classes to take on waves of PvE enemies, leveling up and finding progressively more powerful weapons and armor. Outriders became one of Steam’s best-selling games only days after the demo’s release. One of the shooter’s biggest allures is hunting for its unique legendary weapons that each have their own defining attributes.

Similar games like the Destiny and Borderlands franchises have previously left their mark on the looter-shooter genre, but Outriders seems to be proving there’s still room to innovate. Like The DivisionOutriders plays out in a third-person perspective, so players’ characters are front and center as they amass powerful armor and legendary guns. The Outriders art style falls somewhere between its competitors, featuring photorealistic graphics like Destiny and set in a post-apocalyptic world like Borderlands. All of these choices translate to an arsenal of eye-popping legendary weapons that have quickly become Outriders‘ most coveted items.

These rare drops have a chance to appear throughout the Outriders demo’s 12-hour campaign. Players hunting for them will need to repeat the available story missions a few times before they manage to find one. This can be done by navigating to the Outriders main menu and selecting “Return to Lobby” so players can toggle the “World Tier” option to “Tier 5” to give them a better chance at stumbling upon legendary weapons. Player progression in the demo can be transferred to the full game when it launches, so players have plenty of time to pad their arsenal before April 1. Here are all of the Outriders legendary weapons that have been found so far, along with their special effects.

Only a portion of Outriders full story is currently available, so there will likely be more legendary weapons after it launches on April 1. For now, anyone who wants to go into the full release with a legendary gun will need to grind towards finding any of these 13 unique items.

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