One Piece Theory: Robin Will Be The One Defeating Black Maria

Warning: Spoiler ahead for One Piece Chapter 1004

With Sanji facing Black Maria and her troops in One Piece, he has no way of defeating them since they are all women. That said, Nico Robin may have been pretending to be one of Black Maria’s troops and waiting for an opportunity to help Sanji all along. One Piece boasts of having one of the closest band of main characters in the world of manga. Even though they’ve almost had a fallout in the past, they all come back to the crew str0nger than ever. Interestingly, their primary reason is almost always associated with the safety of the other Straw Hats. But during normal circumstances, they always manage to pull through with help from one another.

Vinsmoke Sanji, the Straw Hats’ cook and the one always wearing a suit and tie, is the latest to announce that he’s leaving the crew. There’s also a good chance that he’s the last one to ever pull that kind of stunt. Sanji is an interesting character, even among the Straw Hats. He’s a man of multiple principles, which he refuses to break even in the face of death. Being the cook, he never uses his hands to fight. He solely dedicates it to cooking, which is also the reason he only uses kicks to fight. Also, since he doesn’t want to be any less a man in the eyes of his foster father Zeff, he has never hurt a single woman. This then leads to him almost dying on multiple occasions.

Sanji being Sanji, he gets derailed by a brothel during the raid on Onigashima. It turns out that it’s a trap Black Maria has set. Since Sanji is a lover of all beautiful women, he has no plan of resisting them. Chapter 1004 even shows him bruised and sitting pretty. Even though he doesn’t seem to be that injured, he’s trapped and incapacitated while Luffy and Zoro are facing off Kaido and Big Mom. Black Maria also asks for Sanji to call out Nico Robin. In response, Sanji warns her not to underestimate Nico Robin. Black Maria ignores his warning and tells him to speak to one of her comrades. That comrade of hers, however, is wearing some sort of mask. She also heavily resembles Nico Robin and is probably them in disguise. She hasn’t spoken even after hearing Black Maria’s command. Also, when Sanji takes a glance at her, he seems to have noticed something. Even the woman acknowledges Sanji’s look silently.

Given that Black Maria isn’t really considered as high caliber as the other members of Beasts Pirates, it’s only logical she won’t be Sanji’s match. However, Sanji has to be switched out first similar to how Nami takes on Kalifa during the Straw Hats’ fight against CP9.

Since Robin has been pretending to be a geisha, it’s reasonable that she can infiltrate and act as a staff of the brothel. She’s also not just one of the prettiest characters in One Piece, but she’s also one of the strongest combatants of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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