Once Upon A Time: Why Emma Was The Main Character (& Why Regina Was)

Emma Swan was not the first person to appear on Once Upon A TimeHowever, Emma’s significance was hinted at when Rumple suggested that Snow and Charming’s daughter would be The Savior. Emma was destined to free everyone from the Dark Curse, but she remained an integral part of the show after succeeding. Emma learned how to use and control magic. She got involved in the Enchanted Forest, as well as other people Emma grew up believing were fictional.

Regina Mills, meanwhile, was not a hero at first. She grew angry after Cora killed Daniel and made it her life’s mission to take revenge on Snow White. After years of reveling in her vengeance, Regina’s plan came crashing down, and suddenly her victory was over. However, that was not the end of Regina’s story, and there was more to tell before the series ended. Over time she became a reformed villain, and eventually, one of the show’s biggest heroes.

To save Regina from backsliding from all her progress, Emma sacrificed herself and took on the black magic that would transform her into the Dark One. Emma’s decision drives the first half of the fifth season.

As the Dark One, Emma holds secrets and steals memories of those she loves to protect a massive plot twist. The Savior had become the villain, and this time it wasn’t about defeating the threat; it was about saving Emma from the darkness.

What would have happened if the Evil Queen won? That was the question that the series is based on. The Dark Curse on Storybrooke and its residents is Regina’s happy ending, at least for a while. She is happy to watch all those she hated in a continuous loop, unable to remember their true identities.

However, Regina’s view of a happy ending changed after the curse broke, and she spent several seasons working toward a new happy ending.

Emma was always destined to save everyone from the Dark Curse. Henry’s arrival at Emma’s apartment fueled the Evil Queen’s reign coming to an end, and just as predicted, Emma broke the curse.

However, she continued to be The Savior throughout the years. With every threat, Storybrooke faced Emma played a crucial role in defeating the villain. Emma’s appearance in Storybrooke changes the cursed personas’ daily lives and unravels more mysteries within Regina’s revenge.

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