The DC Universe Just Created A New, Horrifying Nightmare

DC Comics has provided a new glimpse at their upcoming Swamp Thing series. The comic will be part of DC’s new Infinite Frontier launch and will release alongside other titles. The preview shows a first look at the new Swamp Thing’s upcoming foe.

DC’s Infinite Frontier is a relaunch of comics from DC, kicking off on March 2nd. The relaunch includes current ongoing titles as well as new ones, including The Swamp Thing and Crime Syndicate. Swamp Thing was previously seen in the Future State series, playing a very big role in DC’s future. The Swamp Thing # 1 by Ram V, Mike Perkins, Mike Spicer will be the first issue in a ten-issue series.

This new series will focus on Levi Kamei, the new Swamp Thing – not Alec Holland, the original monster. This will be Kamei’s debut, while also being the first time that an Indian character will be a lead in a DC series – according to series writer Ram V. However, he is noticeably missing from these preview pages aside from the cover and variant. The previews focus on insects found on a corpse, presumably under mysterious circumstances. Instead of focusing on the series’ hero, DC has provided a brief glimpse of the new villain Levi will face in the context of a CSI style forensic investigation. It’s time to meet… The Pale Wanderer.

Known only as the Pale Wanderer, this villain is one unknown to the DC universe thus far. Based on this preview he is a foe that has potentially been around for a while, but who has largely kept a low profile. Also unknown is his actual name. Both names provided by the officials in the previews are unassociated with any previous DC characters. Otherwise, fans know that he drinks oil and has strange teeth. There is very little to go on, except for a corpse and a legend to go with it. The setting within these previews is also noticeable. The corpse is in a desert and the Pale Wanderer is associated with the Southwest. Mazatzal and Yuma are in Arizona, as are the other locations mentioned. These are all very arid locations where swamps are not commonplace and water is relatively scarce.

Pitting the Swamp Thing against a desert foe is a new twist that should prove very interesting and challenging for the swamp monster. Swamp Thing has the ability to manipulate plants and while there are plants in the desert, they are fewer in number than in other areas. Will his ability to use some of his powers be affected by a desert landscape? Fans will find out when DC Comics launches the new The Swamp Thing #1 will release March 2, 2021.

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