New Girl: 10 Worst Things That Happened To Cece

Cece was a character who became quite beloved as N w Girl progressed. She was not necessarily as popular as the loft roommates at first, but this would soon change as fans got to know more about her. In fact, it would become apparent that Cece was not only very strong, but a very compassionate and wonderful person for her friends. As a result of this, it was hard not to applaud her, as she deserved it every step of the way.

Cece was also somebody who would go through a massive number of hard events. The severity of them would vary, sure, but the amount of heartbreak she went through cannot be ignored. She essentially had to grow up at a young age because of how her childhood went, and it did not get much easier as an adult. Yet, even with all of this being so, she remained resilient and would blossom when it came to her character development because of it.

Cece’s father died when she was twelve. Although this happened when she was a kid, it was apparent that it had a long-term impact, as it is hard for anybody to lose a parent.

She opens up to Schmidt about it at the beach during Nick’s cancer scare episode, which showed that their connection had been deepening. This was easily one of the hardest things that she would face as a character, even though fans did not see it happen.

Her father’s death was also even more significant due to the fact that she had a strained relationship with her mother. Her mother was extremely hard to please, which did not mesh well with the fact that Cece valued her acceptance more than anything else.

Their relationship would sour even more throughout the series, as her mother was unhappy with the decisions that she was making. The pair even got to a point where they were not even speaking, so it was clear that this relationship was truly damaged.

Cece dropping out of high school would end up hurting her immensely – even though there isn’t anything inherently wrong with the decision to choose a different path. The issue was that her decision to drop out and become a model made her become self-conscious about her intelligence as she matured.

Cece was not dumb by any means either. In fact, she possessed a lot of qualities that she showed that she was actually very smart. Yet, she continually felt self-conscious about not finishing, making this hard for her.

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