New Girl: 10 Wild Details You Never Noticed In The Series

When a sitcom makes it beyond the 100-episode mark, there’s a lot of history for fans to keep up with. Whether that’s continuity, long-gone characters, or changes to set pieces. There is a lot of detail that goes into making a sitcom work. New Girl is no exception.

With more fans being introduced to the show via streaming platforms everyday, there are constantly new eyes observing the show. There are also a lot of loyal fans who repeatedly binge the series and pick up on things they’ve never noticed before. There are definitely plenty of wild details fans could miss across those seven seasons the first time around.

In the season two episode “Table 34,” Jess and Nick are in a weird place. They’re both trying to deal with the fact that Nick kissed her, and their avoidance of their feelings lead to them being at each other’s throats at a singles event Cece attends.

One of the challenges is for pairs to make a table out of newspaper. Jess and Nick find themselves paired up and, arguing the entire time, manage to still make a small table that can support the weight of a grown man jumping on it. Their kiss leads Sam to break up with Jess at the event, but when they’re back at the loft, the table is with them. That means one of them, after fighting, Sam breaking up with Jess, and Sam punching Nick, still went back inside the event and grabbed the table to take home.

Showrunner Elizabeth Meriwether worked on several areas of the series. In addition to developing the concept for the show, she wrote several episodes, directed two, and even had a cameo in a season five episode.

The cameo occurs when the group (minus Jess, who is on jury duty) decide to convince Reagan to be their temporary roommate. Meriwether plays an employee of the hotel where Reagan is staying who lets them into her room. Her appearance is one of many Easter eggs for fans to catch.

In an odd turn of events, it turns out the men of apartment 4D take turns helping each other with their grooming habits. The audience first learns of that when Schmidt moves out of the loft for a while. When he makes the decision to move, Winston wonders who will do his fades for him. He does have a barber that he sees because he takes Nick there at one point, but it seems like Schmidt normally helps him with his hair.

Likewise, when Nick goes on his first date with Jess, it’s Winston who helps him with his grooming. Winston shaves and shapes his facial hair for him, which Nick reveals to Jess later in the episode. In the seventh season, after Nick returns from his book tour, Schmidt allows Nick to shave off his mustache. For fans keeping track, that means Schmidt grooms Winston, who grooms Nick, who grooms Schmidt.

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