New Girl: 10 Times Nick & Jess Were Friendship Goals

Fans of New Girl know that Nick and Jess were always one of the show’s endgame couples. Whether they love them or hate them together, there was no going back. An even bigger part of the show than their romance, however, is their friendship. No matter how many times Nick references cutting exes out of his life, he and Jess never do that to each other, choosing to find a way to maintain their friendship even after they break up.

Of course, long before they even get together, Nick and Jess continually help each other out of scrapes and awkward situations. Despite them both having other best friends, Nick and Jess are the friends they each need when Jess moves into the loft. They are absolutely friendship goals.

In the second episode of the series, after Nick and Jess have only known one another for a few weeks, Nick proves he already knows Jess better than he thinks. He’s the only one able to get through to her when it comes to getting her belongings back from her ex-boyfriend.

After Spencer cheats on Jess, she can’t bring herself to go back to their shared house and clean out the rest of her stuff. Nick is able to help her find anger to overrule her sadness in order to fuel a trip to the house. To be completely fair, Nick really just wants a working television, but he’s the one who is able to help Jess move on when even Cece hasn’t been able to.

Nick proves to his friends that writing isn’t just a pipe dream, and that he’s smarter than they think, when he completes work on The Pepperwood Chronicles – and Schmidt has no notes. To get Nick’s book onto a publishers’ radar, Jess helps Nick “self-publish.”

That doesn’t mean paying a printer to make a few copies. Instead, she uses her industrial strength craft clue to help him bind copies of books by hand. It’s a ridiculous amount of work, but the two manage to get a handful of books together, and Nick even ends up with several teenage fans who read it.

Nick is not a fan of wealthy people. Even his friendship with Schmidt is tested as a result of the latter’s financial security. When Nick goes with Jess to talk to the father of one of her students, he’s completely prepared to hate the other guy. What happens is that Nick realizes just how much Russell has his life together, and he falls for him a little himself.

Nick encourages Jess to get out of her comfort zone and try a relationship with Russell. Sure, that relationship doesn’t work out, but it’s the relationship Jess needs at the time. She needs to figure out what she wants in a partnership, and Nick pushing her to date Russell helps her do that.

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