New Girl: 10 Best Things That Happened To Winston

Winston was certainly a character that New Girl fans loved immensely. He continued to become even better as the show progressed, as he not only managed to be funnier but also kinder. That is not to say that he was a bad character in earlier seasons, but it was clear that the show allowed him to grow far more. It seemed as though that he became more aligned with the rest of the group in terms of quirkiness.

This was what allowed fans to cheer him on throughout the entire series. Winston was an underdog character, as he faced an immense number of hardships. Thus, it was so satisfying when good things happened to him. By the final season, it seemed that all the struggles he faced were worth it in the end, as his ending was truly wonderful. It was hard for fans to find many negatives with how his storyline ended because of this fact.

Winston played semi-professional basketball in Latvia. Yet, this career had not progressed at all, as he spent most games on the bench. Thus, it led him to leave the country and he moved back into the loft from here.

Overall, this was the correct move for Winston as he built stronger connections with his roommates. He also grew as a person professionally from this decision, as he found his calling as a cop.

Winston took Ferguson for his own as revenge against Daisy after she cheated on him. Although it seemed to be extreme, it actually was a fantastic decision by Winston. Ferguson became his life from the very moment he stole him.

Winston spent a lot of his time taking pictures with Ferguson. He even split pasta with him regularly. His love for Ferguson was one of the most wholesome parts of the entire series, as it made him very happy.

It was hard for Winston to find a new career after basketball. He worked in sports radio and was a nanny, but neither profession seemed to provide him much joy. Thus, they ended up being short-lived.

Winston of course became a cop, and it was the best decision for him. It not only gave him a career that he enjoyed, but he also met his future wife, Aly, along the way. Thus, it had a significant impact on his life for multiple reasons.

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