New Girl: 10 Best Things That Happened To Jess

As the protagonist of the series, it was understandable that fans cheered for Jess in New Girl. Her story was intriguing to follow too, as she went through a lot of obstacles. They were needed though because, at the end of the day, they helped shape her character. She progressed immensely from the start of the series, which of course was a necessity.

Yet, some of the best moments from Jess were the ones where good things happened to her. She truly had a heart of gold, so it was important for the audience to see her be given happy moments. Her optimism and quirky personality made this much needed, as all she did for her friends made her deserve some good karma. Out of all the main characters, she arguably experienced the happiest story of the bunch.

When Jess moved into the loft, it was under sad circumstances. Her long-term boyfriend, Spencer, cheated on her and she was understandably heartbroken. Yet, things quickly changed from here, as she made amazing friends from it.

The wacky adventures that took place in the loft were truly marvelous. She made lifelong connections for not only herself but the rest of the group too. This was one of the best moments for her and it originally was seen as bad because of what happened before it.

Jess visited Spencer to get her stuff back, but it was very difficult. She had deep feelings for him still and couldn’t stand up for herself. With the help of her new roommates and Cece, she found the courage to do it.

It was fantastic to see Jess be so strong and take back what was rightfully hers. This was also very important because it was the closure she needed from that atrocious relationship. It was integral for her character development.

Jess’s birthday may have started off bad, but Nick soon changed that. While Jess went to the movies alone, Nick planned a big surprise for her in the theater. He made a video and played it, with all of her friends in attendance.

It was such a touching video too, which helped enhance the quality of Nick’s gesture. Jess stated that it was the nicest thing anyone ever did for her, so clearly, it was one of the best moments from the series for her.

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