New Girl: 10 Best Things That Happened To Coach

Coach was only on New Girl for a short while, but he was one of the most entertaining characters. Although the series had to get rid of his character after the pilot, it was awesome that he returned later on. He was very flawed and easy to dislike at times, but that made fans appreciate his character development significantly more. Coach showed a lot of growth, even if his storyline had to be cut short at the end of the day.

Coach went through a lot of negative moments, but they seemed to help build up to his happy times as the series progressed. When he first after the pilot, he definitely had a lot of insecurities and handled heartbreak in a rather unhealthy manner. Yet, the show did an amazing job fixing all of this, which made his short time on the show feel worthwhile and completed. It was a fun journey with him, and one has to admire how much better he ended up becoming through his happy moments.

From the very beginning, it was clear that Coach was meant to help people in athletics and fitness. He ended up getting his nickname in Latvia during Winston’s basketball game, as he coached the players from the sidelines.

Together, Nick and Schmidt came up with the nickname, and Coach immediately liked it and told them to high-five. This was where the legend of Coach was born, as this part of his character became his true identity.

After a break-up with his ex, Coach found himself back into the loft. He did not handle it well, as he decided to go to a strip club with the guys as a way to cope with it. Of course, this led to him letting out his true feelings while there.

From this point on, Coach progressed slowly, as he had an outstanding group of friends that helped him along the way. Had he not moved into the loft, he likely would have stayed the same and went through even more unhealthy patterns.

Coach was a bit cold towards Jess when he first moved into the loft. He referred to her as Nick’s girlfriend and often forgot her actual name. Jess put in a lot of effort to get close to him, as she even pretended to be a Pistons fan as a way to bond with him.

From here, the two became quite close, as Jess was always there for him and vise versa. They had an underrated friendship, as Jess really was the major friend who helped Coach be a better person at the end of the day.

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