Nancy Drew Characters Ranked From Least To Most Likely To Survive The Hunger Games

In the little town of Horseshoe Bay, there is a young woman who never met a mystery she can ignore. Nancy Drew follows the titular character and her friends as they solve cold cases and, unlike the books that inspire it, interact with the world of the supernatural. They’ve all got to be smart and tough in their particular fictional world.

Being smart and tough, however, might not be enough to survive in a very different fictional world: The Hunger Games. In the arena of the games, tributes might have to figure out puzzles and patterns, but it’s more likely that they need to be willing to do bad things to survive. Some would not make it very far in the arena, while others would pay any price to survive.

Carson Drew might be the biggest lawyer in Horseshoe Bay, and arguably one of the most intelligent people in the show, but a survivor in the arena he is not. The audience would have to consider that Carson would have been in the Hunger Games as a teenager, long before he started his career understanding law and order – and long before he became the person the wealthy trusted with their secrets.

Like his daughter, Carson was likely a very bright teenager, but Carson’s focus is always on helping others. He tries his best to keep Nancy safe, he honors the wishes of Lucy Sable when she dies, and he takes money from shady clients to provide for his family. Carson isn’t a fighter, and he’s not someone who would suddenly change his ways in the arena.

As a member of the prestigious Marvin family, Owen would be the Nancy Drew equivalent of a “career tribute” in the games. With all that wealth and privilege behind him, he would have had trainers from a young age to allow him to find his specialty.

The trouble is, Owen isn’t the kind of career who would be bloodthirsty or focused on charming the viewers of the Capitol for sponsors. Owen, after all, is quick to side with Nancy and Bess any time something shady about his family’s past comes up. He’s the kind of career who would see the games as the bloodbath they are and only defend himself when necessary, which would ultimately get him killed.

Like Owen, Ryan is from an elite family in Horseshoe Bay. The Hudsons are one of the founding families, which would put Ryan in the career camp as well. The difference is that Ryan is a bit of a hot head and would absolutely believe himself to be more capable in the arena than he really is.

Ryan would likely fall prey to the bloodbath at the cornucopia that Katniss witnesses in the first of her Hunger Games. It’s there that tributes fight over supplies and weapons, leading to some immediate casualties. Ryan would be one as he tried to get himself a weapon and prove himself to his fellow careers.

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