Nancy Drew: 5 Ways Nancy And Nick Were Good Together (& 5 Why She Was Better Off With Owen)

The CW’s Nancy Drew is never short on adventures, tragedy, heartbreak, friendship, and mysteries. Season 1 started off strong with several suspicious characters appearing alongside mysteries that Nancy comes out of retirement to solve, but she also had some life lessons and relationships to learn from. Nancy was initially with Nick, and while their relationship worked in certain ways, it was lacking in others.

Nancy had stronger chemistry and more of an inclination to be in a serious relationship when Owen came along, and though that relationship ended too soon due to Owen’s murder, Nancy and Owen were happy together while it lasted.

Everyone needs a distraction from the realities of life sometimes, and Nancy and Ned helped one another do that. Nancy was still struggling following the death of her mother and Nick was trying to get a new start after having been in jail; they both needed a break from reality, and they made one another happy. Their friendship meant something to them, even post-break-up.

Owen’s murder prematurely ended his and Nancy’s blossoming relationship. It was obvious to audiences, however, that Nancy’s relationship with him was heading somewhere, and that they would inevitably become an exclusive item. It would’ve been different for Nancy, compared to her previous relationship with Nick, as that was a more casual relationship than what she had with Owen. It’s sad that it was cut off too soon, because their relationship really did hold potential, and would’ve made both Nancy and Owen happy.

Nancy and Nick’s relationship wasn’t really serious. They had no strings attached, which decreased pressure on either one of them to do more or be more for the other person. They didn’t have to worry about any extras; they were just there for one another and that was enough.

They eventually broke up because Nancy was pushing him away, clearly not wanting to take their relationship to the next level or deal with the pressure that came with it.

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