My Hero Academia Needs The Most-Hated Mineta More Than Ever

With all hands on deck, My Hero Academia’s Hero Association needs all the help they can get, including the most-hated, perverted hero of Class 1-A – Minoru Mineta also known as Grape Juice. In a world filled with superheroes and supervillains, not all heroes are loved by fans. With My Hero Academia‘s wide array of characters, fans literally have a catalog of characters to pick and idolize from. Similar to NarutoMy Hero Academia also follows a class of students with different kinds of quirks. As the number one high school for heroics, U.A.’s Class 1-A is also expected to be the creme de la creme. After all, they’ve been carefully selected through a difficult entrance examination. However, even fans are questioning if everybody in Class-1A deserves their spot in the class roll.

Topping that list, and probably the only one in it is Minoru Mineta. Almost immediately after his character’s debut, he has already shown his true colors. Considering he’s a hero wannabe, he’s not only cowardly and whiny, but he’s also extremely perverted. The only explanation he can probably pull out to defend himself is him being a teenager with all the raging hormones rushing to his rod and messing with his brain. Nonetheless, that will still not justify the acts of sexual assaults he’s done. What’s worse is that he doesn’t even give a pass to his classmates in Class 1-A. Actually, they’re mostly the victims of his disgusting creepiness. It’s not even funny or arguably within reason like other shonen fanservice, as he basically grabs every opportunity to grope any available woman. He even gropes Froppy right after she saves him.

The latest chapters of My Hero Academia show what happened after the raid on Paranormal Liberation Front’s hideout. Even though the Hero Association manages to escape the worst possible scenario by initiating a preemptive attack, which was made possible by Hawks’ infiltration, the Hero Association has still amassed a huge amount of casualties. And with the prisoner escapees wreaking havoc everywhere, the world of My Hero Academia has reached a new level of disorder. With Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist needing time to recover and the other top heroes either missing in action or straight-up retiring, the Hero Association’s forces are only getting thinner.

Worse is that society is already on the verge of falling apart and the worst threat, Tomura Shigaraki, is yet to show his full strength. While Shigaraki is restoring his strength and getting stronger, the heroes have to get back into tip-top shape as soon as possible. But even if they manage to get back to the frontlines in the nick of time, previous records clearly show that they can’t stop Shigaraki. The Hero Association’s only hope is for Class-1A big three to surpass the No. 1 hero as soon as possible and face All For One. However, that still doesn’t solve the increasing crime rates and the heroes losing credibility problem. This is where the top heroes, as well as the rest of Class-1A, comes into the picture. Yes, including the most-hated Grape Juice.

Grape Juice can definitely be shredded by any major member of the Paranormal Liberation Front. His quirk, Pop Off, isn’t suited for upfront battles. Pop Off allows Grape Juice to pluck his hair and use it as a very potent adhesive. It sticks to just about anything, but it doesn’t apply to him. In fact, he can bounce off it instead. Because of this, he has managed to pass U.A.’s entrance examination. What’s more is that his hair grows as soon as he has plucked it, which makes it a pretty convenient quirk. On the other, he can only use it so much, since his scalp starts to bleed when he overuses his quirk. Such injury, however, is puny compared to the number of injuries the other characters have suffered during training and battles.

Despite his extremely bad reputation, Mineta isn’t an entirely useless character. In fact, Mineta is surprisingly quite smart. Despite being a slacker, he consistently scores one of the highest among Class-1A. He is also part of the upper half of the class in terms of academics. His intelligence doesn’t end within the classroom either. Given his quirk’s stupendous ability, he has gained enough mastery to use it in various creative ways. He has even managed to come up with a few signature moves and even defeated a few villains himself. Mineta is also surprisingly loyal. Even though he’s on the cowardly side of the spectrum, Mineta still shows his loyalty even when faced with notorious villains. During the League of Villain’s ambush, he even helped Midoriya and Tsuyu escape instead of fleeing on his own. This will prove useful in society’s current state.

During My Hero Academia‘s trying times, Grape Juice is also needed on the battlefield – even if his quirk is mostly suited to setting up traps to round up small-time criminals. Since he is also part of U.A.’s Class-1A, he has received the same rigorous training as Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki. His mastery over his quirk will also prove useful in stopping robberies, as well as chasing down fleeing criminals. After all, Mineta has previously shown how agile he can be as long as he properly uses his quirk. His quirk also allows him to cross and climb different surfaces, which allows him to cover more ground. He can also use his quirk to temporarily hold criminals until someone like Sero comes along to secure them better. Most importantly, his participation in the battle will allow the stronger heroes to fight stronger enemies without bothering with the small-fries.

Even though Mineta is one of the most-hated characters in My Hero Academia, his help is still greatly needed, partly because the Hero Association needs as much help as possible and partly because Grape Juice is actually a capable hero that can contribute to society. Of course, that can no way justify him being the creepiest pervert in the series. But at the end of the day, even the strongest of heroes may be hiding skeletons in his closet.

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