Mulan: Main Characters Ranked By Likability

Whether it’s the fight scenes, the romance, or the hilarious friendship between Mulan and Mushu, this movie is one of Disney’s greatest as it truly has something for everyone. It’s not the typical Disney Princess movie, but that is what makes Mulan such an enjoyable movie, as it is very unique.

The characters throughout the show are all detailed and exciting, offering something totally different from one another. From the Matchmaker’s bossiness to the kindness of Grandma Fa, there’s a total range and it makes for a compelling story. But which character from Mulan is worth fighting for due to being the most likable?

Shan Yu isn’t one of Disney’s strongest villains, as his individual personality isn’t really highlighted too much. However, that does just make him scary, as there is nothing about him that seems likable at all, unlike other Disney villains who get to show a little charisma.

Shan Yu is simply evil, as the leader of the Hun army, he is set on taking over China and taking down the Emperor at all costs. He’s certainly a skilled fighter, but the fact he happily kills so many people showcases why he’s not likable at all.

Unlike Shan Yu, Chi-Fu is technically on the good side of the war, as he is the Emperor of China’s advisor. He’s clearly someone who is very loyal and trustworthy, and they are likable traits as there is no denying he is dedicated to the cause.

However, he is a very judgemental person who doesn’t really treat Li Shang with any respect, despite the fact he’s technically in charge. Chi-Fu is also very happy for Mulan to be executed when it’s revealed that she’s a woman, despite everything she has done for the army by that point in the movie.

Fa Zhou isn’t showcased too much within the movie, but Mulan’s father is clearly a very likable person. He’s already fought his war and represented his country, however, when he’s called up Fa Zhou has no problem in stepping up and doing it again.

Despite the fact he struggles to walk and knows the likely consequences that would come with him going to war again, it’s something he is going to do until Mulan steps in. That’s a very likable trait, not to mention he is a very caring father who obviously loves his daughter dearly. It’s telling how wonderful all the characters are that he doesn’t rank higher.

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