Mulan & 9 Other Classic Disney Movies That Don’t Have A Villain Song

Typically, Disney movies are jam-packed with a great range of songs which keeps the movie filled with excitement and energy. There’s normally a whole set of songs in a movie, and while it is normally the heroes that dominate those tunes, some of Disney’s greatest musical moments have come via a villain.

While villains are obviously shown to be menacing and scary, giving them songs has proven to be a great decision. It has worked as a great way of developing their characters, showcasing their personality, and furthering the plot. While villains such as Gaston and Scar have benefitted from these songs, there are some classic Disney movies that don’t have any villain songs at all.

Mulan features a couple of Disney’s best songs with “Reflection” and “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You,” but it doesn’t have any villain songs. Shan Yu is quite a mysterious character for the most part, and he is certainly one of the scarier villains that Disney has created from an aesthetic point of view.

He is a character for whom a song wouldn’t have been suited. Shan Yu is incredibly intimidating and giving him a big musical number would have impacted that. With his impact on the movie being to bring a lot of fear and a real sense of threat, this is one movie that was right not to have a Disney villain song.

When it comes to Disney classics, they don’t get any more original than the first. However, while Disney villain songs ended up having a prominent part to play in many subsequent movies, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs didn’t have one at all.

The Evil Queen was a truly scary villain, but she’s a character who could’ve worked well with an epic song. It wouldn’t have felt out of place for her to have had one, however, Disney opted to not give her a tune.

Robin Hood is one of Disney’s most popular movies from that era, with this classic tale being told brilliantly in the animated form. The characters all had huge personalities within this one, and that includes Prince John, who was an over-the-top crybaby.

Seeing him have a song could have led to a really funny moment within the movie, and it would have been a great decision for his character. However, the thumb-sucking villain was left without a song, which was a real shame.

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