Ms. Marvel’s Champions Finally Know Vision’s Daughter Betrayed Them

Warning: contains minor spoilers for Champions #4!

Since Marvel’s Outlawed event began, Ms. Marvel has been pulled in every direction. Leading the Champions while also having her civilian identity used in publicity for the anti-vigilante ‘Kamala’s Law,’ Kamala has been responsible for safeguarding young heroes and continuing to fight crime, all the while unaware that she’s being betrayed by Viv Vision, one of her closest friends and allies. Readers have been aware of Viv Vision’s betrayal since the start of the series, but the team has not, thinking she died in the tragedy that kicked off the government’s crackdown on underage heroes.

Viv has actually been in hiding since inadvertently unleashing an explosion at the Coles Academy, injuring several people. Kamala Khan was one of them, with outcry over the incident leading to Kamala’s Law making it illegal to be an underage superhero. This law has caused many young heroes to be detained and sent to Reeducation Centers, which have since been revealed to be darkly punitive in nature. Those that have not been caught are on the run, including Champions team members Ms. Marvel, Nova, Spider-Man, and Ironheart. However it seems like no matter where they end up, they are found. This is because Vision’s daughter continues to report their location to the C.R.A.D.L.E. taskforce, apparently hoping to get her former teammates off the streets.

Previously, the youngsters were discovered by C.R.A.D.L.E. yet again, this time while hiding out in a supporter’s backyard treehouse. Surrounded by the full force of their pursuers and determined not to go down without a fight, they suited up and prepared for battle, one that Spider-Man feared could be their last. Lucky for them they got some unexpected help from former Champions Cyclops and Dust, who showed up just in time. Now, a Marvel Comics preview reveals Cyclops not only gets the team to freedom, but reveals Viv’s deception and betrayal.

Once the Champions are safe, Cyclops – whose younger self was a member of the team during a time-travel adventure – reveals that Viv Vision has been helping C.R.A.D.L.E. chase them across the country. It’s a shocking reveal for the team, especially since they thought Viv was dead. The series has yet to reveal why Viv has been helping C.R.A.D.L.E., though the implication has been that guilt over her failed mission has left her sympathetic to the cause of banning inexperienced crime-fighters. Still, with many young heroes now captured, held apart from their families, and seemingly brainwashed, this understandable reaction may not be enough to excuse her actions.

A genius synthezoid, Viv Vision is the last enemy anyone would want to have, but thankfully the Champions will have some respite before trying to track down their former friend. Offered sanctuary on Krakoa, it’s likely Champions #4 will see the team head for the mutant nation when it releases February 17, hopefully offering Ms. Marvel a chance to catch her breath and take some comfort in the knowledge that while one friend has betrayed her, she can finally trust those fighting alongside her to repeal Kamala’s Law.

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