Mortal Kombat Movie Shows How Scorpion Got His Signature Kunai Weapon

The upcoming Mortal Kombat movie will reveal how Scorpion got his trademark Kunai Weapon. Directed by Simon McQuoid and produced by The Conjuring’s James Wan, the 2021 Mortal Kombat film is the legendary martial arts video game franchise’s first cinematic outing since the universally-panned 1997 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. The new movie is set to release for streaming on HBO Max and in theatres on April 16. Fans have high hopes for the feature film, as it not only marks the return of a long-beloved film series, but it also brings to life the characters from the original arcade game, including Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada), Raiden (Tadanobu Asano), Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim), Liu Kang (Ludi Lin), Kano (Josh Lawson), and Sonya Blade (Jessica McNamee).

Out of all the Mortal Kombat characters, fans are probably most excited to see Scorpion, the undead vengeful specter who has been a mascot of the original video game since the beginning. Having appeared in every game generation, Scorpion initially started off as an unwarranted antagonist. But as years went by, he gradually restored his human form and adopted a supporting role in the Netherrealm. Now, the new Mortal Kombat movie is seeking to honor all of his signature characteristics, including his feudal rivalry with Sub-Zero, his iconic “Get Over Here!” catchphrase, and even his fatal Kunai weapon which he used to decimate his opponents in both life and death brutally. It’s been confirmed that Mortal Kombat will delve into Scorpion’s origin story, depicting how he discovered his harpoon-like weapon.

In an interview with IGN, McQuoid stated that Mortal Kombat would showcase how the yellow-clad warrior gained access to his patent Kunai blade. Suggesting that he had turned to Japanese history to honor the character’s heritage, the director revealed that Kunai was originally used as a gardening tool in ancient Japan. That is why Scorpion had to use a rope to fashion it into a workable munition that pierces enemies lethally and gets the ‘job done.’

“We did a bit of research into what a kunai actually is, and it was originally, not exclusively, but it was often used as a gardening tool in 14th century, Japan. That’s why [Scorpion] has the kunai on the end of that rope, because that’s all he has at the time. You’ll see how he sort of adapts and turns that rope and that gardening tool into a pretty lethal weapon that really does the job.”

It’s evident from McQuoid’s statement that the new Mortal Kombat movie is making sincere efforts to represent its img material’s nuances accurately. Scorpion’s Kunai and its evolution were significant props and themes in several core games. As Scorpion unfastened the Kunai’s rope and clipped it to a chain, it not only reflected a power shift, but it also paid genuine homage to the sleek ninja culture and the fighting styles in the 14th century Japan. The earlier Mortal Kombat films had failed to capture the true essence of Scorpion’s trademark weapon. They made misguided and unsolicited changes to its built and wielding mechanism, showing it as a bloodthirsty serpent emerging from a Scorpion’s hand. But now, the forthcoming film aims to fix those mistakes and dispel prevailing misconceptions concerning the weapon.

A more faithful and modern depiction of Scorpion’s Kunai is a good starting point for the Mortal Kombat reboot. The previous iterations had fueled misapprehensions about the weapon, which will only be fixed when the new movie displays that Kunai did not have any fantastical elements associated with it. Instead, it was a meld that Scorpion engineered himself, authentically showcasing how people in early Japan manipulated available reimgs for their safety and protection. Including Kunai’s backstory in Mortal Kombat is arguably a bold narrative choice that retcons previous portrayals. But actually, it caters to a larger purpose: manifesting the reboot’s attention to detail and reaffirming its authentic adaption. That said, fans’ confusions about Kunai will finally be cleared once the upcoming movie bows in April.

Source: IGN

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