Monster Hunter Rise Will Feature New Actions, Upgrades To Armor

At long last Monster Hunter Rise’s armor skill system has been revealed, and it will be a semi-hybrid between the old and new systems. Monster Hunter World made a lot of new advancements in the series formula, and one of the big changes included the way armor skills worked.

In past Monster Hunter games, individual armor pieces would add a certain number of skill points for each skill. These skill points from multiple armor pieces would add up to grant the hunter a new skill, usually at 10 or 15 points. But in Monster Hunter World, instead of contributing a bunch of skill points to obtain one skill, skills were determined by levels rather than points, and armor pieces have one or two levels of a certain skill. The amount of levels required were less than the points needed for one skill, and as a result it was easier to stack a bunch of skills on top of each other compared to the older games.

The Monster Hunter Rise website updated its page on weapons and armor to go in detail for the first time on how armor will work in the game. The UI for the skill tree does have the same layout as the old skill points, but it largely appears to be the same system as Monster Hunter World, with armors granting a certain amount of levels for each skill. Talismans also make a return as equipment, with one pre-order bonus being a Novice Talisman. It also notes that equipping three or more pieces in the same armor set grants a bonus to all elemental resistances, which is different from Monster Hunter World’s armor set bonuses.

With the skill system now known, there’s one more piece of unknown information about equipment in Monster Hunter Rise, and that is decorations. Decorations are items that can be attached to a piece of equipment in Monster Hunter in order to grant further skills. In the older games, decorations could be freely crafted at the smithy while talismans were obtained randomly in quests. In Monster Hunter World, charms were craftable while decorations were obtained through random RNG. Both systems have their degrees of frustration, but Monster Hunter World’s decoration system was especially divisive due to decorations being arguably more crucial to making builds than charms.

It remains to be seen how Monster Hunter Rise will treat decorations and charms. If the RNG is too much to bear, it could make the game less enjoyable for some, but if done right, it can still manage to provide satisfaction for the players. Regardless, the skill system in Monster Hunter Rise is sure to still provide satisfaction as it did in Monster Hunter World. If more information about decorations isn’t revealed before the release date, then fans will know for sure how it will work once Monster Hunter Rise releases on March 26th.

Source: Monster Hunter

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