Monica’s Superhero Name Can Set Up An MCU Clash With Captain Marvel

Monica Rambeau’s superhero name in the comics can set up a Marvel Cinematic Universe clash with Captain Marvel. WandaVision has given Monica quite the superhero origin story, with her journey through Scarlet Witch’s extradimensional hex formally giving her superpowers that have yet to be used fully. While the Disney+ series has only referenced Captain Marvel, who is likely off-world, Monica’s resentment and bitterness towards the superhero have been made clear. It’s possible that when Monica formally takes up a superhero mantle, she will go by Captain Marvel, which will lay the groundwork for a potential confrontation in Captain Marvel 2

In the comics, Monica doesn’t have the same history with Carol Danvers as was indicated by Captain Marvel. In fact, Monica’s mother Maria and Carol weren’t best friends, either. However, when Monica initially gets her powers — which consist of energy absorption, manipulation, and the ability to travel at the speed of light in energy form — in the comics, the media refers to her as Captain Marvel and she assumes the title thereafter and joins up with other superheroes to save the world. By that point, Monica had never met the original Captain Marvel, though she’d heard about her legacy from others. 

It wasn’t until after Monica lost her powers and regained them that she shed the name of Captain Marvel and began using the superhero moniker of Photon. WandaVision has slowly been building toward a potential confrontation between Monica Rambeau and Captain Marvel. Disney and Marvel Studios have confirmed that Teyonah Parris will reprise her role as Monica in Captain Marvel 2, which lends credence to the idea that the pair will eventually come to blows. For now, fans can only surmise that Monica’s resentment towards Carol, whom she admired and loved as a child, is due to the superhero not being there for Maria’s cancer treatments or in the years after Monica’s disappearance. 

After all, when Captain Marvel appears in the final act of Avengers: Endgame, it’s presumed that she hasn’t been on Earth in the five years since Thanos’ snap and there’s currently no evidence to the contrary. It’s possible that Monica will start using Captain Marvel as her superhero name after WandaVision. It can be argued that she no longer sees Carol as being worthy of the mantle and claims it for herself to uphold its legacy. Monica going by Captain Marvel, at least at first, would be an interesting conflict between the two and a great way to pay off the rising tension already established in the Disney+ series. 

There aren’t a lot of fascinating storylines involving what it means to be a hero and losing faith in them on a personal level. Monica potentially realizing that Captain Marvel may no longer be worthy of upholding the moniker could be a thoughtful way to tackle Monica’s issues with Carol in Captain Marvel 2. The conflict would be a lot more authentic than what the MCU has been done in the past with regards to superhero clashes. While it seems unlikely that Carol would give up the mantle of Captain Marvel, a confrontation with Monica over the name could pave the way for some much-needed healing, not to mention that it would also be a nice nod to Monica’s original superhero name in Marvel comics. 

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