Monica Rambeau’s New Superpowers: Visions & Energy Explained

Warning! Spoilers ahead for WandaVision episode 7, “Breaking the Fourth Wall/”

WandaVision episode 7 reveals that S.W.O.R.D. agent Monica Rambeau can see all kinds of energy emanating from the town of Westview, thanks to her forceful reentry through the energy barrier created by Wanda Maximoff. Monica also displays additional powers, using them to resist against Wanda momentarily while trying to get through to her and her grief. All in all, her new abilities look to be based off of the ones Monica Rambeau possesses in Marvel Comics.

While Monica tried to breach the perimeter using a a heavily armored space rover to avoid being changed by Scarlet Witch’s powerful Hex, it soon proved to be a useless endeavor, motivating Monica to pass through to the other side of the Hex on her own. While she did make it through, passing through the barrier’s energy a second time seems to be what’s granted her these new powers for her to use now that she’s back in Westview.

Now, Monica’s abilities in WandaVision will no doubt allow her to enter properly into Wanda’s life and potentially get her some help as the series continues. It will also be interesting to see how Monica’s newfound powers might effect her future going forward into the rest of the MCU when WandaVision ends. Will Monica become the superhero known as Photon with her new powers?

In Marvel Comics, Monica Rambeau gains her powers after being hit with vast amounts of extradimensional energy from an energy disrupter weapon, and the media starts referring to Monica as the new Captain Marvel. However, she would go to take the names Pulsar, Photon, and most recently Spectrum in the comics. However, it seems very likely that the MCU version of Wanda will be taking the name Photon at some point, as the MCU gave the same name to Monica’s mother Maria in 2019’s Captain Marvel to use as her callsign as a fighter pilot.

Not only can Monica see multiple forms of energy across the electromagnetic spectrum, but she can also transform herself and take on the properties of any of the spectrum’s various forms of energy such as ultraviolet radiation, electricity, radio waves, infrared, cosmic rays, gamma rays, X-rays, microwaves, neutrinos, and simple visible light. While she can only transform into one form of energy at a time, she can rapidly change between them, while also being able to fly in any of the various forms. She also has the ability to turn invisible using particular energies, project powerful energy blasts, as well as creating holographic versions of herself when needed. Furthermore, she’s also been identified as immortal in the comics.

Given that the Hex contains high levels of CMBR (cosmic microwave background radiation), it makes a certain amount of sense that it would affect and transform Monica’s cells to make her more susceptible to the energies on the electromagnetic spectrum. After she finally breaks through the barrier to the other side into Westview, her eyes have turned a bright blue, seemingly lit up with energy and power. Likewise, viewers get to see what Monica sees: a vibrant world where energy imgs such as power lines carry an extra definition and significance.

Additionally, Monica’s interaction with Scarlet Witch near the end of the episode sees her expending some energy to break her fall after Wanda lifts her up into the air with her own power. In that moment, Monica’s eyes light up again, possibly in response to her seeing the energy emanating from Wanda and the power that she wields. However, Wanda’s neighbor Agnes ends up breaking up the tense moment by steering Wanda away from Monica (though Monica ends up following them not long after).

It seems as though Monica may also be drawn to different energy imgs thanks to her new abilities, as evidenced by WandaVision episode 7’s post-credits scene. By this point, Agnes was confirmed to actually be the witch known as Agatha Harkness, and she manipulated Wanda to go down into her basement, which appears to be her own personal sanctum covered by dark roots. When Monica finds the way down into this basement, she can see the power coming from the roots themselves, not unlike the way she saw the power lines near the Hex’s perimeter when she first entered Westview in the episode.

While Monica had tried to use an armored space rover to break through the Hex, it ultimately failed as the perimeter’s density continued to match the force of the rover trying to break through. However, Monica refused to give up and was determined to help Wanda no matter the cost. Believing that she could get through the perimeter on her own, she pushed through the perimeter, which lead to her being transformed and getting her new powers.

As far as the exact reason as to why Monica was able to get through when Wanda had expressly remade the barrier to keep S.W.O.R.D. out in prior episodes, the answer potentially lies with a variety of reasons. Part of it could be because Monica had already gone through the barrier prior to being banished by Wanda when she was Geraldine. Having passed through the Hex twice, her cells had been changed, and this difference in genetic make-up, connecting her to the barrier, likely factored into it. Another element could be due Scarlet Witch’s powers seeming to be on the fritz in this episode, so her control of the perimeter was fluctuating. Additionally, it could also be because Monica’s intentions aren’t inherently hostile. She genuinely wants to help Wanda, so perhaps the perimeter is only meant to stop more overt threats and dangers to Wanda’s happy ending.

In any case, Monica has thus far displayed a heightened awareness towards energy imgs, and she’s minimally scratched the surface of energy projection when she broke her fall. As such, it’s going to be incredibly exciting to witness Monica potentially developing the use of her powers further in WandaVision‘s final episodes on Disney+, as well as the opportunity that now exists for her to become a full-fledged version of Photon in the MCU’s future.

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