Money Heist Season 5 BTS Image Hints At Rio’s Fate

A behind-the-scenes photo from Money Heist actor Miguel Herrán seems to hint at his character Rio’s fate as the series prepares to end after season 5. The Spanish crime drama exploded in popularity when it became available on Netflix in 2017 and has since been renewed for its fifth and final season by the streamer. Money Heist, AKA La Casa De Papel, has been praised for its fast-paced, twisty storytelling, and the series won an International Emmy Award in 2018 for Best Drama Series.

Money Heist follows criminal mastermind The Professor who hires a group of criminals to lay siege upon the Royal Mint of Spain in order to steal billions of dollars. The crew has moved on since this first heist and are now in the midst of another one as they attempt to rob the Bank of Spain. Money Heist derives much of its tension from the high-octane thrills as the situation between the gang of thieves and police forces escalate, but the series is also known for its interpersonal relationships amongst the group.

One of those relationships is between characters Rio and Tokyo, with the latter narrating the entire series. Now, a behind-the-scenes photo posted by Herrán on Instagram seems to hint at Rio’s fate. The photo Herrán posted seems to be in a dressing room of sorts and the actor can be seen in the iconic red outfit that the robbers wear. Herrán is looking bloodied and bruised in the photo and he attached a song, “The End” by The Doors, to the post on his story. Check out the photo below:

Of course, Herrán could be referring to several different endings. With Money Heist set to conclude after this season, he could be referring to the completion of the show. Similarly, when Herrán posted the photo, rumors swirled that filming had completed on Money Heist season five, so the photo could be referring to what is likely an emotional moment for the entire cast. Still, Money Heist has never been afraid to kill off major characters.

Throughout its run, Money Heist has seen characters like Nairobi, Oslo, Berlin, and Moscow all die during the various heists in the series, so it can be assumed that no one is completely safe. It would also be particularly tragic for Tokyo if Rio died and emotional stakes are what this show is known for. With filming complete, fans won’t have to wait too long to see who makes it out of Money Heist alive, with a season five premiere likely before the end of the year.

Source: Miguel Herrán

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